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  • Clinical Programs

    The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center offers highly trained psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and licensed therapists. We provide a wide range of services for children, adolescents, and adults. We provide comprehensive evaluation, medical management, and appropriate behavioral interventions for a broad variety of psychiatric conditions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. 

    As educators of future physicians and psychologists in Mississippi's only academic medical center, we lead the way with the newest techniques and latest technologies. For more information about our clinical services or to schedule an appointment, click below or contact us at (601) 984-6925.

    Located at the Jackson Medical Mall, the Behavioral Health Specialty Clinics are the primary ambulatory service location or the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. We provide comprehensive evaluation and appropriate behavioral interventions using a collaborative interdisciplinary model the focuses on diagnostic specific needs and methods. Out team-based approach includes trainees such as medical students and psychiatry residents who provide care under the direct supervision of our licensed clinical faculty. Our director of putpatient psychiatry oversees the clinic operations, ensuring the best possible medical care for those we serve. 

    Those who seek care on our Behavioral Health Specialty Clinics will be afforded caring, and respectful treatment by a team of dedicated and skilled providers who are committed to improving the mental health of the citizens of Mississippi. We accept self-referral or referral by physicians or family members from all areas of the State. We accept individuals into our Behavioral Health Specialty Clinic based on their appropriateness for the services we offer, as well as their match with the educational and research missions of our Department. For more information about clinical services provided by the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior or to schedule an appointment, call (601) 984- 6925 or click here for more details about the Specialty Clinics.

    This is a 12-bed general psychiatric unit that caters to patients suffering from acute psychiatric disorders necessitating hospitalization. The mission of the unit is to provide psychiatric care of the highest quality to the citizens of Mississippi and to train psychiatric residents, medical students and other trainees from related disciplines.

    Junior residents and medical students rotate through the unit year round. Nurses, social workers, and activities and occupational therapists also staff the unit. The program offers intense treatment based on the biopsychosocial model and includes individual, group, occupational and art therapies.

    Directed by Dr. Danny Burgess, the Program in Integrative Health in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior seeks to promote and provide patient-centered care that enhances health, healing, wellness, and quality of life. The Program in Integrative health utilizes an interdisciplinary, team-based model to develop comprehensive treatment plans that emphasizes both mental and physical health to facilitate each person's natural capacity for health and healing. The mission of this program is achieved through clinical care, education and research.

    UMMC has created a fully-integrated system that serves every aspect of pediatric behavioral healthcare needs. By fully integrating several specialties that commonly serve the child with behavioral healthcare needs, UMMC is seeking to streamline and optimize care. We aim to provide the state and the region with integrative child and adolescent behavioral health care and provide a centralized location where a parent or guardian can bring their child to receive a thorough evaluation complete check-up from a team of multidisciplinary providers. Patients can enter the system through the Center for Advancement of Youth and then receive coordinated care from various other subspecialties; patients can also enter the system through an integrated website (coming soon).

    The center's goal is to ensure that no child or youth ages birth to 17 suffers from lack of access to appropriate behavioral or developmental care and treatment. We will accomplish this by pooling resources, sharing information, and utilizing coordinators to communicate with patient families and their medical home. In creating this system, we aim to serve children and their families by ensuring that every aspect of their behavioral healthcare needs are met, either at UMMC or with a partner provider in the community. It is our ambition that no family mitigate the confusing world of behavioral healthcare alone. We aspire to make behavioral health care at UMMC easy to access, highly coordinated and family-friendly.

    The Psychiatric Outreach Program (POP provides free medication management and therapy through the Jackson Free Clinic to individuals who lack medical insurance or other means to pay for treatment. POP is staffed by volunteer Psychiatrists and Psychiatry Residents from the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior and medical students from UMMC's School of Medicine. POP meets every third Saturday of the month. The Jackson Free Clinic is located at 925 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Jackson. To schedule a visit, call (601) 355-5161.