Adult Inpatient Services

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  • Adult Inpatient Services

    The Medical Psychiatry United opened in 1998, catering to patients who suff3er from co-morbid psychiatric and other medical, neurological, surgical, neurosurgical and obstetric-gynecological conditions. Although the unit is designated a medical-surgical unit, it is under the medical direction of the Department of Psychiatry. The mission of this 18-bed specialized unit is to deliver the highest quality of medical and psychiatric care in one setting.

    Medical psychiatric care is based on a multidisciplinary team approach in which nursing plays a central role with smooth interfacing with all other disciplines represented on the unit. Patients on this unit have concurrent medical and psychiatric problems. Patients with any kind of comorbid illnesses are admitted to this unit, unless a telemetry bed in an intensive care setting is required. All medical interventions except cardiac monitoring are available on the unit.

    The mission of this highly specialized inpatient unit, of which there are only a few throughout the country, is to provide the highest caliber of combined medical and psychiatric care in a single setting to patients who require a combined approach to their care to achieve optimal therapeutic results. Of equal importance is the provision of training to psychiatric residents, medical students, fellows and residents from other specialties as well as nursing and pharmacy students.

    In addition to the medical staff that has solid training in medicine, psychiatry, neurology, geriatric psychiatry and addiction medicine, the nursing staff is composed of general medical-surgical nurses who have had training in psychiatry. Other vital members of the treatment team include physical, occupational and recreational therapists, social workers and pharmacists. The core element of the unit is the treatment team. Nursing care is at the center of the treatment team with nurses functioning as primary therapists for the patients. Daily rounds are multidisciplinary in nature and scope and provide the time during which the majority of treatment decisions are made. The treatment team initiates the workup and requests consultations only if the need arises.