Pediatric Residency

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  • Continuity Clinics

    Each resident attends his/her continuity clinic for a designated half-day (in the afternoon) each week. There are 3 clinics to which residents are assigned.

    Eli Manning Clinic

    The Eli Manning Clinic is located on the main UMMC campus. With two full-time faculty and 4 part-time faculty, this clinic sees approximately 3,700 patients per year. From well-child checks to subspecialty referrals, this clinic offers an enjoyable educational experience. Typically, there are two residents per afternoon clinic.

    Batson Children's Hospital North Clinic

    Located at 5965 I-55 N in Jackson, the Batson Children's Hospital North Clinic offers the largest patient population of all the continuity clinics, averaging about 7,600 visits per year. With four full-time faculty and 4-5 residents per continuity clinic day, this clinic offers a fast-paced environment in which to learn.

    Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Clinic, Jackson Medical Mall

    In 1995, the Pediatric Department, in conjunction with the University, placed ambulatory faculty in the Jackson Medical Mall, located west of the main UMMC campus. This clinic, with its' two full-time pediatric staff, housed a continuity clinic for 2-3 residents per day. Beginning July 2010, UMMC partnered with Jackson Hinds Comprehensive, a local federally funded organization, to increase and improve the services offered at this pediatric clinic. Located in the same Jackson Medical Mall location, this clinic is still an educational site for UMMC and its' residency programs, even though it is maintained by the Jackson Hinds Comprehensive group. With an average of 4,400 patient visits per year, this clinic is an excellent example of how many disciplines function effectively under one roof. It maintains two full-time faculty and 2 residents per continuity clinic day.