Clinical Curriculum

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  • Electives

    • Child Development Clinic: An interdisciplinary approach for sure! Residents work with psychologists, social workers, and developmentalists as a team to evaluate and treat a unique group of pediatric patients with developmental issues.
    • Neonatal Medicine: Here you will find the smallest patients in all of medicine. Learn how to manage the acute disorders that can present in the first few weeks of life with the support of neonatal specialists such as nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and laboratory personnel.
    • Pediatric Allergy-Immunology: Sneezing, wheezing, or chest-squeezing? The allergist is certainly capable of handling any or all of the above, and so will you after rotating with these specialists.
    • Pediatric Ambulatory Care: Get a taste for what life will be like in the “real world”. Some of the most interesting and complex pediatric patients can be found here alongside the routine immunizations and well-child checks.
    • Pediatric Cardiology: The way to a person’s heart? Through an arterial catheter, of course! Come and learn about what really makes us tick.
    • Pediatric Emergency Room: Car accidents, drownings, toxic exposures, this ER has it all! In a well-supervised setting, residents gain increasing experience and comfort in treating the most acute patients in our state.
    • Pediatric eEndocrinology: Insulin, glucagon, thyroxine, cortisol… and all those feedback loops! Nothing intimidates the endocrinologist, with their suave coolness in an adrenal crisis.
    • Pediatric Gastroenterology: Better known as the “poop experts”, this savvy group will show you how color and consistency are more than just gemstone attributes.
    • Pediatric Genetics: Where does one plus one equal three? Why, in genetics of course! It’s the place where conditions both intriguing and bizarre become demystified.
    • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Inpatient: Participate in multidisciplinary pediatrics at its finest with the best nurses in the hospital. Be careful, these bald-headed children will steal your heart.
    • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Outpatient: Need to get your spirits uplifted? Need to do some procedures? Come to the Children’s Cancer Clinic to see bravehearts and survivors of cancer and other chronic diseases. Participate in an average of six procedures a week.
    • Pediatric Infectious Disease: The warriors of humankind’s eternal battle with the world of micro-organisms are here to teach you the rules of engagement.
    • Pediatric Inpatient Service: If it’s in Nelson’s, you’ll see it here on the ward service. All members of the healthcare team are present; students, pharmacists, consultants, respiratory/occupational/physical therapists, dietary, nursing, social services, visiting interns, pediatric residents, and even General Peds Attendings.
    • Pediatric Intensive Care: The only unit of its kind in the state, the PICU allows for learning the most complex physiology you will ever encounter. From post-op heart babies to continuity of acute management started in the ER, it’s never a dull moment in this place.
    • Pediatric Nephrology:Unfortunately, changing out the human filter is not quite as easy as changing out an AC filter. Fortunately for the nephrologists, that keeps them rather busy. Learn what it takes to manage all those “–urias”.
    • Pediatric Neurology: Has reading an MRI ever seemed like an exercise in palm-reading? Does that age-old question of Dilantin versus Depakote leave you baffled? If so, look no further than the busy outpatient practice of pediatric neurology to find the answers to all your questions.
    • Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Learn how your patient can be the best he/she can be. Residents will be exposed to the concept of physical medicine and rehab and the role of the pediatrician as a team member with other healthcare professionals. Also learn the role of therapists, teachers, social workers, nurses, and psychologists on the rehab team.
    • Pediatric Pulmonary: All those chronic lung babies have to go somewhere! Here you will see how careful management of these special patients can lead to healthier, happier lives. And don’t forget to breathe…
    • Pediatric Rheumatology: When the body’s army chooses to fight a civil war, the rheumatologists come to save the day! See some of the most perplexing case presentations around. And remember, when you don’t know the answer to a question, just go with lupus.