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  • Interim Chair's Message

    We are delighted to welcome you to the Department of Pathology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), Jackson, MS.  We are a full-service Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Department with a Master's and Doctoral Training Program, and Residency and Fellowship training programs in Pathology.  All of our educational activities are supported by a rich teaching environment that is geared for medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Our research program also provides unique opportunities for careers in basic science. 

    Robert T. Brodell, MD
    Robert T. Brodell, MD

    Nestled in the heart of Mississippi, the Department has a long history of service to our citizens.  We are the only academic medical center, the only medical school, the only site for resident education and fellowship training, and graduate training in pathology in the State of Mississippi.   Our unique mission provides us access to outstanding educational opportunities stemming from the tertiary and quaternary care services provided regionally by UMMC.  Our medical center is home to world class medical treatment in a wide range of subspecialty areas, including pediatric surgery and pediatric oncology, cardiovascular, neurosurgery, head and neck surgery, pulmonary medicine/surgery, transplantation (kidney, heart, pancreas), gynecologic oncology, dermatology and medical oncology, just to name a few. Such subspecialty practices provide outstanding anatomic and clinical pathology specimens for us to study.

    We have a unique faculty, virtually entirely focused on patient care, education, and research.  Our goal is to provide outstanding care to our patients and support our clinical colleagues and investigators.  Training in our department provides a solid foundation from which to build any type of clinical or academic career.  We have experts in all aspects of pathology from the clinical laboratory, to surgical pathology and cytology, and, an active autopsy service.  World-class subspecialty pathologists cover pediatric pathology, obstetric pathology, general surgical pathology, genitourinary and nephropathology, head and neck pathology, neuropathology (both adult and pediatric, including muscle), orthopedic pathology (bone and soft tissues), thoracic pathology, oncologic pathology, transplantation pathology, molecular pathology, gastrointestinal and hepatic, cardiac pathology, dermatopathology autopsy (forensic and medical), cytology and fine needle aspiration biopsy, and gynecologic pathology.

    Our residents and fellows secure excellent additional training fellowships, including those offered by MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, Duke, Washington University in St. Louis, and the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Our graduate students obtain sought after post-doctoral fellowships.  Approximately one-half of our graduating residents and fellows return to practice in Mississippi or a neighboring state.  The rest of our graduates fan out across the United States, some as far as California and Washington.

    We are a family-friendly department that understands the notion of “work -life balance.”  Each of us are here for the long haul, taking the best of what we've learned elsewhere across this country and around the work, and applying those best practices in Mississippi.  Our overarching goal is to help each medical student, resident and fellow become the very best that you can be, so that you leave prepared for the future.   Come, see the beauty, and feel the joy and happiness of life while learning your craft in our Department.

    Robert T. Brodell, MD