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  • Presentations - Current

    Mississippi Speech Language Hearing Association (MSHA) Annual Conference

    • William Mustain, PhD "Introduction to Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring for Audiologists"
    • Grace Sturdivant, AuD "Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline"
    • Angela Brunson, MS "Management of Dysphagia in the Geriatric Patient"
    • Rachel Tyrone, MS "Feeding Therapy 101"
    • Mallory Unchurch, MS "H.E.L.P.! Healthcare Experience Learned from Professional"
    • Mary Lou Sorey, MS "The SLP and Developmental Care in the NICU"
    • Meagan Allen, MS, CCC-SLP, “Feeding and Swallowing in the Medically Complex Infant and Child.”
    • Jenna Nassar, MS, “Pediatric Feeding disorders: Culprits and Causes” and “Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Treatment and Management.”

    Mississippi Hearing Aid Association 2017 Conference

    • Grace Sturdivant, AuD "TeleAudiology in Mississippi"

    Mississippi Department of Health Early Intervention Program

    • Mary Lou Sorey, MS "Feeding the Baby with a Cleft Palate"

    American Academy of Audiology, Audiology Now!

    • Christopher Spankovich, MD, “Tinnitus Assessment and Management is Primary Care Audiology.”
    • Christopher Spankovich, MD,” Translational Research in Noise and Synaptopathy.”

    American Auditory Society

    • Christopher Spankovich, MD; Lauren McNichol, AuD; Mary Frances Johnson, AuD; John Schweinfurth, MD; Charles Bishop, AuD, PhD, “Jackson Heart Study: Central Auditory Processing Deficits and Normal Hearing.”

    Louisiana Academy of Audiology Conference

    •  Vicki Gonzalez, AuD, “Cochlear Implants.”

    International Surgical Sleep Society Meeting

    •  Andrea Lewis, MD, “Sleep Surgery Is Safe as Outpatient Surgery.”

    Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting (COSM)

    •  Andrew Robichaux, MD, “Disposable Bronchoscope Versus Conventional Bronchoscope for Assisted Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy in a Medical ICU: A Cost Comparison Study.”
    • Laura K. House, MD, “Tinnitus Prevalence, Characteristics and Relationship with Cardiometabolic Risk in an African American Cohort.”
    • Jonathan E. Sorrel, MD, “Relationship of Stroke Risk and Hearing Loss in African Americans.”