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  • Oculomotor-Vestibular Physiology

    Dr. Lewis Chen studies the neural mechanisms of sensory-motor integration. His focus of research is eye-head coordination and perceptual control of movements and postures. His laboratory uses psychophysics, single neuron recording, neural deactivation, microstimulation and simulation techniques to address the above questions. His is currently using extra-oculomotor muscles as a model to investigate the neural control dysfunctions in strabismus and vestibular pathology.

    Research funding from NIH

    • NEI EY016710 Lewis Chen (Principal Investigator): "Vestibular and neck contribution to oculomotor processing in the frontal cortex", 2006-10

    • NEI EY13444 Lewis Chen (Principal Investigator): "Frontal cortex control of gaze shifts", 2001-05

    Recent publications

    • Chen LL and Tehovnik EJ (2007) Cortical control of eye and head movements: integration of movements and percepts. Eur J Neurosci. 25: 1253-1264.
    • Chen LL (2006) Head movements evoked by electrical stimulation in the frontal eye field of the monkey: evidence for independent eye and head control. J Neurophysiol. 95: 3528-3542
    •  Chen LL and Walton MMG. (2005) Head movement evoked by electrical stimulation in the supplementary eye field of the rhesus monkey. J Neurophysiol. 94: 4502-4519.