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  • 2011 Presentations

    Otolaryngology Program Directors Organization - Nov. 11; Washington, DC

    • Otolaryngology Resident Survey
      • Presenter: Tara Rosenberg, MD

    American Society for Clinical Pathology Annual Meeting/ World Association of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine XXVI World Congress - Oct. 19-22; Las Vegas

    • Prevalence of High Risk Human Papillomavirus in Nasopharyngeal Carcinomas Stratified by Subtype and Race
      • Presenter: Jesus Monico, MPH

    AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting - Sept. 11-14; San Francisco, CA

    • Maximum Extremes in Otolaryngology Resident Surgical Case Numbers
      • Presenter: Tara Rosenberg, MD
    • Minimum Extremes in Otolaryngology Resident Surgical Case Numbers
      • Presenter: Tara Rosenberg, MD 

    AAOA Annual Meeting  - Sept. 9-11; San Francisco, CA

    • Allergy Emergency Protocol: A Pilot Study for Competency Assessment
      • Presenter:  Neal Burkhalter, MD

    Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings - April 27-May 1, Chicago, IL

    • Injuries during Orotracheal Intubation Using the GlideScope Video Laryngoscope
      • Presenter: Neal W. Burkhalter, MD
    • Integra Application for Reconstruction of Large Scalp Defects
      • Presenter: Lauren E. McClain, M4

    American Academy of Audiology Convention - April, Chicago, IL

    • Musicians' Perceptions of Risk from Noise Exposure: A Survey
      • Grace Gore Sturdivant, BA (extern); William W. Dickinson, AuD (Vanderbilt); and Charles Bishop, AuD
    • Monothermal Caloric Screening Test: Further Validation
      • William D. Mustain, PhD, and Denise Pouncey, AuD
    • Predicted Benefit from Unilateral Amplification in Individuals with Single-Sided Hearing and Word Recognition Impairment
      • Charles Bishop, AuD; Mary Wilks, BA (extern); and Amanda Marchegiani, AuD (extern last year)
    • Preliminary Evidence of a Differential Effect of Abdominal Obesity and High Blood Pressure on Hearing
      • Charles Bishop, AuD, and William Mustain, PhD
    • Featured Session: Mission - Expand or Extend the Capacity of Audiology
      •  Ian Windmill, PhD, and Barry Freeman, PhD

    Triological Society, Combined Sections Meeting - Jan. 27-29; Scottsdale, AZ

    • Scrofula Presenting as an Isolated Neck Mass in an Immunocompetent Patient: A Case Report
      • Presenter: Mary A. Ashmead, MD
    • Manifestations of Thalessemia in the Head and Neck
      • Presenter: W. Henry Barber V, MD
    • Use of an Osseointegrated Implant Retained Nasal Prosthesis following Total Rhinectomy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Nasal Dorsum
      • Presenter: Neal W. Burkhalter, MD
    • An Unusual Cheek Mass: Intramasseteric Chonodrolipoma
      • Presenter: Bradley H. Byrne, MD
    • A Unique Case of Deep Neck Infection in an Older, Immune Competent Adult
      • Presenter: Cheryl J. Gustafson, MD
    • Mucous Membrane Plasmacytosis of the Larynx: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
      • Presenter: Jonathan P. Hayes, MD
    • Management of Partially Obstructing Airway Foreign Bodies
      • Presenter: Byron K. Norris, MD
    • Assessment of Air Quality during Mastoidectomy
      • Presenter: Byron K. Norris, MD
    • Temporo-Orbital Cranial Fasciitis in a Pediatric Patient
      • Presenter: Tara L. Rosenberg, MD