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  • 2008 Presentations

    Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting - May 1-4; Orlando, FL

    • Cigarette Smoking and Regulatory T Cell Subpopulations in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients
      • Presenter: Jason M. Guillot, MD
    • Tracheal Rupture in a Child Caused by Vomiting
      • Presenter: T. Corbin Mullis, MD
    • Brown Fat Content of the Neonatal Larynx and Neck
      • Tara L. Rosenberg, M4 student
    • Cell Density of Lamina Propria of Neonatal Vocal Folds
      • Tara L. Rosenberg, M4 student
    • Cervical Spine Problems causing Dysphagia
      • Matthew Sitton, M4 student

    Triological Society, Southern Section Meeting - January, Naples, FLĀ 

    • Large Retropharyngeal Mass in a Pediatric Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type I
      • Presenter: Kimberly A. Donnellan, MD
    • A Unique Method of Airway Management in a Patient with Type IV Laryngotracheal Cleft: Case Report and Review of the Literature
      • Presenter: Michael A. Goodier, MD
    • Unusual Delayed Presentation of Extensive Facial and Cervical Subcutaneous Emphysema Resulting from Iatrogenic Nasopharyngeal Perforation
      • Presenter: Benjamin T. Jeffcoat, MD
    • Extraocular Myogenic Potentials (OVEMP) Evoked by Acoustic Tone Pips with Different Frequencies
      • Presenter: Andrea F. Lewis, MD
    • Endoscopic Management of a Massive Nasal Osteoma Presenting as an Orbital Abscess
      • Presenter: Byron P. Windham, MD