• Combined Degree Opportunities

    Residents in our program now have the option to complete one of several graduate degrees during their residency in lieu of their normal basic or clinical science research rotation. Our parent institution, the University of Mississippi, offers Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Administration degrees. The University of Mississippi Medical Center offers Master of Health Informatics and Information Management and Doctor of Health Administration degrees.

    All of these are online programs which require minimal if any on site attendance. Tuition is free for residents. Applicable fees will be covered by the Department just as we would provide funding for research projects. Residents enrolling in one of these programs will be allowed to use their protected research and elective time to devote to completing this course work. The resident would be required to complete a project as part of one or more of their courses that relates to health services or similar business research that would relate to Otolaryngology.

    It is typical of each of these programs that a practical problem from your work area would be required. Examples might include a cost effectiveness analysis, a work force study, health disparities research, or a clinical practice efficiency study. The work completed would go toward the research requirement of completing and submitting two research projects during the residency.

    Entry into the degree programs are subject to the normal admissions process at each institution. Admission requirements to some of the degree programs include completing the GRE.

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