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  • Ronald J. Kendig Professor of the Year - Orthopedic Surgery

    This yearly award was established in 1999 by the department. The recipient is selected by the orthopedic residents in order that they may acknowledge the many hours and hard work their attending faculty put toward their resident education. The award consists of a plaque. The recipient also has his or her name engraved on a perpetual wall plaque displayed in the orthopedic classroom area of the Medical Tower building.

    In May 2005, this award was renamed in memory of Dr. Ronald J. Kendig. Dr. Kendig devoted his life to the care of his pediatric patients and in teaching this specialty to the many orthopedic residents who trained in our department.


    • 2010-11 - Matthew L. Graves, MD
    • 2009-10 - Matthew L. Graves, MD
    • 2008-09 - E. Frazier Ward, MD
    • 2007-08 - Matthew L. Graves, MD
    • 2006-07 - R. Kerk Mehrle, MD
    • 2005-06 - Thom A. Tarquinio, MD
    • 2004-05 - Thom A. Tarquinio, MD
    • 2003-04 - Ronald J. Kendig, MD
    • 2002-03 - George V. Russell, MD
    • 2001-02 - E. Frazier Ward, MD
    • 2000-01 - George V. Russell, MD
    • 1999-2000 - Thom A. Tarquinio, MD