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  • Ophthalmology Clinics

    The Department of Ophthalmology's new subspecialty clinic at 764 Lakeland Drive brings various aspects of eye care together under one roof. The 21,890-square-foot space in the building across the street from the University Rehabilitation Center is the former Lakeland Medical Center.

    It has a hub-and-spokes check-in area, where patients go to various locations around a centralized station based on which subspecialty area they will be visiting. Once patients enter their particular clinical area, they can await test results in one of three smaller waiting areas.

    The new facility offers services in the care of diseases of the retina and the cornea, glaucoma, ocular plastic surgery, neuro-ophthalmology and comprehensive ophthalmology.

    A pediatric ophthalmologist is located on the first floor of the building. The separate clinic provides a child-friendly space with wall art of parents and children and a small table and chairs for children.

    Two physicians are located at University Physicians-Grants Ferry, which is considered a satellite clinic for general eye exams and the treatment of common eye diseases.

    Screenings for laser vision surgery are done at the Lakeland Clinic. Major eye surgeries are scheduled at University Hospital.

    Contact lens and optical shops are maintained at the Lakeland facility as well as at UP - Grants Ferry.