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  • Entropion

    Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid becomes unstable and rolls inward towards the eye. This may lead to severe discomfort and sight-threatening erosions and infections of the ocular surface. This problem should be dealt with urgently.

    The most common form of entropion is attributed to laxity of the eyelid margin and instability of the lower eyelid retractors (ligaments that keep the eyelid from turning in). Occasionally the orbicularis muscle that functions to close the eyelid is too powerful and causes the eyelid to turn in.

    Another less common cause of entropion is scarring on the posterior surface of the eyelid.

    At your office visit, our oculoplastic surgeon will discuss the etiology of the problem and explain your surgical options. Most cases of entropion can be fixed under local anesthesia in UP Ophthalmology's minor procedure room.