Clinical Services

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  • Contact Lens and Low Vision Services

    Contact lens service

    Our contact lens service provides every FDA-approved type of contact lens fitting available. We specialize in the difficult-to-fit eye. Keratoconus, post-transplant and injured eyes often demand that special design lenses be used. We are proud to say that over the years thousands of patients have been provided the clear, comfortable vision that only contact lens can offer. 

    Corneal refractive therapy is a popular non-surgical method of correcting limited amounts of myopia. It includes a thorough pre-fit examination and fitting in a highly specialized rigid gas-permeable lens to be worn only while sleeping. Freedom from wear of glasses or contact lenses during waking hours, when surgical correction is not recommended or is not desired, has proven to be a very popular temporary method of the correction of myopia and astigmatism.

    Low vision service

    Low vision evaluations are provided for patients who have been diagnosed with abnormal eye conditions or visual handicaps. We provide the information necessary to determine what type magnifier, telescope or other non-optical product will assist the patient in maintaining their independence. A wide array of products is available for purchase. Many times our service will refer a patient to other providers who assist in training and mobility instruction at no cost to the patient when eligible.

    Optical shop

    The optical service offers eyewear from the latest and most stylish manufacturers. Ultra-light, ultra-thin, photochromatic and anti-reflective lenses are just a few of the most popular options available through our dispensary.

    A highly trained and advance certified specialist provides all the above services. Mark Cloer is a Fellow of the Contact Lens Society of America, American Board of Opticianry Certified, National Contact Lens Examiners-Advance Certified and an instructor at the University. He has 30 years of experience in providing the specialized care that many patients demand.