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  • Educational Objectives and Goals

    In addition to the educational objectives for fellowship program in the Guide to Learning in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, our fellowship program has objectives in line with SACS criteria as related in the following:

    • SACS Criteria: MFM Fellowship Master's Degree at Mississippi - 2006
      The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Subspecialty Postgraduate Fellowship Program, within which is the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship master of science degree program, is undertaken at UMMC by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship program, including the master's degree is undertaken in the environment of the greater institution’s Expanded Statement of Institutional Purpose:

    • UMMC unites the interrelated activities of education in the health sciences and accepts responsibility for teaching, research, service and leadership in this field. Its programs embrace training for physicians, dentists, nurses and related members of the health care team; graduate medical education; graduate dental education; graduate study in the health sciences, and the delivery of health care in the teaching hospitals and clinics.

    The Medical Center’s principal and continuing purpose is to accomplish the interrelated goals of health professional education for Mississippi:

    • Goal 1: To teach in a superior manner the art and science of health care to students of exceptional promise and talent;
    • Goal 2: To provide high quality treatment for all patients using the disciplines and specialties of modern health care;
    • Goal 3: To lead the way to discoveries which will raise the health level of Mississippians and, indeed, all mankind;
    • Goal 4: To foster dedication to life-long learning;
    • Goal 5: To respond to community needs through continuing education and outreach programs that extend beyond the campus;
    • Goal 6: To recruit and train the caliber of faculty necessary to meet these goals.


    The goals of the Medical Center are specifically applied to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Postgraduate and Masters Program with the Program Intended Educational Outcomes as detailed in the following:

    • Graduates will demonstrate mastery of fundamental components of the subspecialty of maternal-fetal medicine consistent with UMMC Goals 1 and 2. Means of assessment/criteria for success include:
      • On the American Board of OB/GYN (ABOG) written subspecialty examination in maternal-fetal medicine, 75% of graduates will pass on the first attempt within 5 years of fellowship completion;
      • 75% of graduates will also pass the oral ABOG subspecialty examination in maternal-fetal medicine within 6 years of fellowship completion;
      • 100% of graduates will teach at least three medical student and resident teaching conferences or classes on an annual basis;
      • At the conclusion of the fellowship, supervised performance of antenatal diagnostic ultrasound examinations and procedures in the UMMC Antenatal Diagnostic Unit will be at the 70% level or higher compared to all graduating fellows over the previous three-year period of time.
    • Graduates will demonstrate the ability to conduct a research project of sufficient importance and quality to merit publication by the professional medical community in obstetrics/gynecology and maternal-fetal medicine consistent with UMMC Goal 3. Means of assessment/criteria for success include 100% of graduates will have:
      •  Oral or poster presentation of a first-authored project at a major national professional meeting during the fellowship or in the first year post-fellowing;
      • Acceptance for publication of a first authored paper in a major national peer-reviewed professional journal during the fellowship or in the first year post-fellowship;
      • Completion of a thesis project to meet the requirements for the masters degree and the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology oral examination;
      • Completion of the Miami IRB education basic and annual renewal on-line course (Citiprogram) prior to undertaking any research project and each of the two years thereafter while enrolled in the fellowship program.
    • Graduates will demonstrate a dedication to lifelong learning consistent with UMMC Goal 4. Means of assessment/criteria for success include:
      • The accomplishment of American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology certifications in the specialty of general OB/GYN and the subspecialty of Maternal-Fetal Medicine within 6 years of fellowship completion
      • Recertification in the specialty and subspecialty thereafter as required by ABOG by at least 90% of actively practicing graduates.
    • Graduates will demonstrate a positive response to community needs through continuing education and outreach programs that extend beyond the campus that is consistent with UMMC Goal 5. Means of assessment/criteria for success is measured by 75% of graduates having presented at least one educational program during fellowship to:
      • Another department within the university;
      • An entity outside the university.
    • Graduates will have acquired clinical and research skills sufficient to obtain a post-fellowship position in maternal-fetal medicine consistent with UMMC Goal 6. Means of assessment/criteria for success is measured by:
      • 90% of graduates will be successful in obtaining a faculty or practice position in the subspecialty of maternal-fetal medicine in the first year following graduation.