Neuroscience Research Division

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  • "Excellence in Research Awards Ceremony" - Dr. Gene L. Bidwell III - Silver Recipients
    "Excellence in Research Awards Ceremony" - Dr. Gene L. Bidwell III - Silver Recipients

    Neuroscience Research Division News


    Neuroscience Division
     *June/July 2014*


    Grants (Reviewed)

    Dr. Bidwell’s NIH STTR grant received a score of 42. Summary statement is being awaited and based on that PO will be contacted for further guidance.

    Grants (Submitted)

    Drs. Bidwell George (Physiology) submitted a resubmission of their scored R21 "Antiangiogenic Miniproteins for Treatment of Corneal Neovascularization."


    Neuroscience Division
    *April 2014*

    • Presentations

        Dr. Bidwell will present a poster entitled "A corneal penetrating drug delivery system based on elastin-like polypeptide" at this year’s Experimental Biology annual meeting.

        A Base Pair student Douglas Campbell will present a poster entitled "An Investigation of Laboratory Cell Culture Techniques" at the 19th Annual SHRP Research Day, April 25th, 2014

    • Record of Invention

        Dr. Bidwell and Dr. Eric George filed a new invention disclosure "Elastin-based Ocular Drug Carriers."




    Neuroscience Division
    *March 2014*

     Grants (Submitted)

        Dr. Vig is Co-Investigator on an R01 project entitled "Nuclear SMN and spinal muscular atrophy" submitted by Dr. Hebert as PI

     Grants (Pending) 

        Dr. Bidwell is resubmitting a shared equipment grant for procurement of a microCT scanner for the animal imaging core facility.




    Neuroscience Division
    *February 2014*



    • Neurology Faculty participated in teaching graduate students of Program in Neuroscience.
      Course PIN: NSCI 701, Section: Movement
      Section Leader: Dr. Vig
      Instructors: Drs. Bidwell, Hearst, Manning and Vig 
    • Dr. Bidwell will serve as early career reviewer on the NIH Xenobiotic and Nutrient Disposition and Action study section that meets in March.