Medicine Summit

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  • Medicine Summit

    The Department of Medicine hosted a strategic planning Internal Medicine and Subspecialties Summit on April 15-16, 2011, on the campus of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The goal was to build bridges, network with colleagues throughout the state, plan for the future and discuss the health care needs of Mississippi. Dr. Shirley Schlessinger, interim chair of the Department of Medicine, urged that the Internal Medicine’s 2011 strategic vision emphasize:

    • Transparent collaboration between physicians and institutions
    • Outstanding care for individual patients
    • Statewide efforts to improve undergraduate and graduate medical training
    • Improve communications between UMMC and referring physicians throughout the state

    As well, Dr. Schlessinger asked for collaboration in developing strategic responses to some of the emerging state medical concerns:

    • What do internists anticipate for the future of medicine?
    • How can we support internal medicine and family practice physicians in areas of medical service need in our state?
    • How do we develop primary care interest in our trainees?

    Community and academic partnerships can be the key to future solutions for many of our problems. We have been challenged to make a difference!

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