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  • Faculty Development and Scholarship Services

    The following services are presently provided by the Departmental Research Office (DRO) to support Department of Medicine faculty scholarship.

    Scholarship orientation meetings

    The Vice Chair for Faculty Development will meet with all incoming faculty within 3 months of their arrival at UMMC. This is normally scheduled as part of orientation. For those who have recently started but not yet had their meeting scheduled, contact Dr. Geraci at sageraci@umc.edu.

    Pre-submission abstract review

    Abstracts intended for submission for competitive presentations may be sent for commentary, suggestions and editing. Please allow one week from receipt. Attach abstract and instructions from sponsoring organization in an e-mail and send to sageraci@umc.edu

    Presentation coaching

    For those new to giving timed, live presentations, video recording and coaching is available by appointment. Please e-mail sageraci@umc.edu to arrange appointments for both recording and coaching session with DRO faculty. A small fee is required to UMMC Multimedia Services for the videotaping.

    Group consultation

    Faculty members who either are working in predetermined groups (e.g., sections within a division, or interest/project groups between divisions) may request a formal project consultation with senior DRO faculty for advice on process, opportunities or operations. Please contact Dr. Geraci at sageraci@umc.edu.

    Extramural collaborators / mentor invitations

    Faculty members seeking assistance in establishing collaboration with faculty members at other institutions may request a formal invitation letter be sent to those individuals from DRO. An e-mail requesting this should be sent to sageraci@umc.edu, with an updated CV, full contact information and details of the project; also include full name, title, institution and contact information for the extramural faculty member sought. A description of the type of work you want help with and, if possible, a projected duration of this relationship. DRO will generate a formal invitation letter and provide an annual letter of gratitude to that individual and their chairman or dean acknowledging their contribution.

    Mentoring committees

    Every new faculty member in the department will have an initial meeting with the Vice Chair of Faculty Development to determine initial members of their personal academic mentoring committees. These committees will assist faculty members in developing the "living document" of a detailed career development plan, which will be approved by the department chairman upon completion.

    Medical literature searches

    DRO now provides assistance with literature searches for UMMC faculty. If you need help finding articles about any particular topic, or if you need a literature search to aid in decision-making or education, please contact Dianne Jones at (601) 815-1093 or djones5@umc.edu.

    Journals listing database

    DRO provides searchable journal database for instructions to authors providing key information as Impact Factor, Journal's website link, and type articles published. The database may be searched by specialty or by readership to identify journals which may best meet faculty publication needs. If you need help with more specific journal information, please contact Dianne Jones at (601) 815-1093 or djones5@umc.edu.

    National Library of Medicine publication tracking

    Faculty members will be notified when their authored papers are first listed in NLM/PubMed. When available, a pdf file of the article will be sent to you electronically. If any questions, you may contact Dianne Jones at (601) 815-1093 or djones5@umc.edu.