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  • Conrad C. Horecky, MD, Chair of Oncology

    Division of Oncology

    Mentioned as a “doctor among doctors,” Conrad “Bo” Horecky settled in Hattiesburg, MS, in 1971 as an internist with his wife, D.J., and their four children, Elizabeth, Lynne, John and Eric. After witnessing his father-in-law’s battle with cancer, Dr. Horecky developed a passion for oncology. His father-in-law’s necessity to travel from Pascagoula to Jackson, the only place for treatments at the time, motivated him to serve his community of Hattiesburg as an oncologist. Dr. Ed Varner once wrote, “He was the BEST internist that I’ve ever known. He was professionally perfect. He took immaculate care of his patients.”

    On May 27, 1976, after completing his first year of oncology fellowship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Horecky drowned saving two of his children while vacationing with his family in Navarre Beach, FL. There is no doubt that had he survived, he would have become a great Oncologist and done exactly what he was determined to do … save lives.

    His wife, D.J., and children, Lynne Horecky Mabus, Elizabeth Horecky Goodwin, Eric Horecky and John Horecky, wish to continue his passion through the creation of the Conrad C. Horecky, MD, Chair of Oncology, which is a permanent link between his unfinished dream and the Division of Oncology in the UMMC Department of Medicine.

    The first gift

    Dr. Horecky’s story continues to touch and inspire people. During the planning phase of this project, a third medical student overheard a discussion about the chair and was so moved that he made a donation in honor of his own father, an oncologist on the faculty. “The oncology division would be honored to have his name on their chair position. It’s not going to be a huge donation as I am, in fact, a poor medical student, but I know that every little bit helps.”

    The chair

    Endowed chairs are hallmarks of great universities and important to help amplify goals of education, research and patient care. This endowed chair will enable UMMC to offer a more diverse curriculum not dependent on usual income sources and will provide long term financial stability. It will also supply the means to attract, retain, and honor distinguished faculty members. Both the donor and the recipient become part of the legacy at UMMC, a tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and clinical care fostered through the years.

    Ways to support the Conrad Horecky, MC, Chair of Oncology

    At UMMC, a chair is fully endowed when gifts reach $2 million. Your support will help us reach this goal.

    Your gift may take a variety of forms. Most donors prefer to make a gift of cash, either in the form of a one-time gift or a pledge over a number of years. You may wish, however, to make a gift with stocks and bonds, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, assets from a retirement account, real estate or other personal assets.

    You might consider a planned gift through your estate, annuities or insurance. UMMC offers a number of giving options which will pay you an income for a fixed period of time and also provide a gift for the Horecky Chair. If you would like to discuss one of these options with a member of our staff, please do not hesitate to contact the UMMC Department of Medicine at (601) 984-5600.

    In addition to providing a wonderful tribute to the legacy of Dr. Horecky, your gift ensures that Mississippi’s health sciences campus will continue to uphold the highest standards of excellence in education, research and patient care for the people of Mississippi. We appreciate your consideration.

    For more information on how you can support the Conrad C. Horecky, MD, Chair of Oncology or to make a gift today, contact the UMMC Department of Medicine at (601) 984-5600.