Internal Medicine

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  • Chairman's Message

    Dear friends,

    Thank you for taking a few moments to catch up on news from the Department of Medicine. We hope you will enjoy connecting with us through this website.

    Dr. Daniel W. Jones, MD
    Dr. Daniel W. Jones, MD

    I'm pleased to be re-engaging with my home department in the role of interim chair, but very sad for the reason there is a need for an interim. Dr. Bill Little's tenure as chair was too brief, but he had a very positive impact on the department prior to his recent untimely death. I knew of Bill through American Heart Association contacts many years before getting to know him personally in the last couple of years. In my early days as interim chair, I've come to know him even better through the words of his faculty colleagues who appreciated his leadership and cared for him deeply. 

    As I serve as interim chair, I will also begin my work in the position to which I was already committed: Director of Clinical and Population Science in the Mississippi Center for Obesity Research (MCOR). This work takes me back to my research focused on obesity and hypertension from earlier in my career. I look forward to working with Dr. John Hall and other scientists here on this problem of increasing importance In our state.

    My relationship with the Department of Medicine began as a medical student, continued through my years of internal medicine training, and resumed when I returned to the faculty in 1992. As a faculty member, the department offered me the needed support for my work as a clinician, educator and researcher. During my years as dean, vice chancellor and then chancellor, I proudly maintained my faculty appointment in the department. My most important relationship with the faculty of this department came over the last year as my friends and colleagues in Hematology saw me through a difficult Illness with lymphoma. I literally owe my life to the good care of the faculty in our department.

    The opportunities for our department in the future are exciting to contemplate. Our mission responsibilities related to education and clinical care will continue to be high priorities. I'm pleased that the reputation the Department of Medicine has enjoyed for years for superb education of medical students, residents and fellows and state-of-the-art care of patients is still intact and still well deserved. But the opportunities for making the unhealthiest state in the nation healthier through our programs of research, clinical care and education must drive us to seek continued growth and improvement.

    I look forward to working with our faculty and staff and with many others, including you, to have the Department of Medicine realize its full potential.


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    Daniel "Dan" W.Jones, MD
    Interim Chair Department of Medicine