Student Programs

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  • M4 (Fourth-Year) Curriculum

    •  FM 651.  FAMILY MEDICINE PRECEPTORSHIP.   The student spends four weeks with a preceptor from the family medicine affiliate faculty in private practice within the state. Emphasis is placed upon student responsibility for patient care, developing treatment and management plans.  The student is provided with first-hand exposure to clinical, administrative, financial and social aspects of the private sector of family medicine. The student is evaluated by the preceptor.  Students must register in the departmental office, as well as with the Registrar's office.  Additional rotations, if available, may be requested through the student division of the department. (6 students each month.  Available all months.)
    • FM 652.  FAMILY MEDICINE CLERKSHIP.   The senior student is assigned to a resident-faculty team of physicians at one of the department's two family medicine clinics where he/she sees ambulatory patients and participates in department conferences.  The student is evaluated by the physician team.  Seniors must register in the departmental office, as well as with the Registrar's office.  (4 students each month. Available all months except July).
    • FM 654.  COMMUNITY MEDICINE CLERKSHIP.  The student will spend four weeks with a family physician and an allied health professional in a rural area of the state or in an urban under-served setting. Emphasis is placed on community health needs, health delivery systems, and environmental, occupational, and industrial health hazards.  The student will have supervised responsibility for patient care and community health assessment.  The student will meet with district officers of the Health Department and with Home Health agencies.  (2 students each month.  Available all months.)
    • FM 656.  FAMILY MEDICINE IN-PATIENT SERVICE.  The student will spend one month working with a team of family medicine residents and faculty and serving as an acting intern.  The student will be under the direct supervision of a senior family medicine resident and an attending faculty member.  The student, with resident and faculty supervision, will evaluate patients in the emergency room for diagnosis, treatment and possible admission, admit patients for continuing care, and assume the primary responsibility for hospital care of patients to include coordination of consultation as appropriate. (2 students each month.  Available all months.) 
    • FM 657.  RESEARCH IN FAMILY MEDICINE.   A primary care research opportunity, this course includes instruction in research methodology and medical writing.  The students may do original research under faculty supervision or participate in on-going research generated by faculty.  Arrangements with the student division should be made three months in advance of the block.  (3 students each month.  Available all months.) 
    • FM 658.  MEDICAL ETHICS. The senior student is assigned to a Department faculty member and spends four weeks participating in patient care in a community hospital and one of the residency training clinics.  Emphasis is placed on ethical issues as they arise in the clinical setting.  The student may have assigned reading in ethics and will attend departmental residents' conferences.  The student will present discussions on ethical topics each week.  (2 students each month.  Available all months.)
    • FM 851 AND FM 852. FAMILY MEDICINE EXTRAMURAL.  Extramural rotations for four weeks or longer can be arranged with the course director or chair's approval for students who are interested in the specialty. (Available for senior medical students only. Available all months.)