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    MAFP Board Honors Retiring Family Medicine Chair, Dr. Diane Beebe

    MAFP President Dr. Sue Simmons, Dr. Beebe, MAFP Delegate Dr. Luke Lampton
    MAFP President Dr. Sue Simmons, Dr. Beebe, MAFP Delegate Dr. Luke Lampton

    The MAFP Board passed a resolution recognizing with distinction the contributions, loyalty and visionary leadership of Diane K. Beebe, MD, FAAFP to the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians. She was recognized in person at the MAFP Board meeting and Spring Conference in April 2017.  

    Dr. Beebe will retire June 30 after more than 30 years at the University of Mississippi Medical Center as a student, resident and faculty member, and most recently chair of the Department of Family Medicine. She joined the UMMC faculty in 1987 after completing medical school and her family medicine residency at UMMC, and was appointed chair of family medicine in 2007 after serving as interim chair for one year.  

    2017-2018 Chief Residents elected

    Dr. Kristie Avlarez and Dr. Hannah Ray were recently elected Chief Residents for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Congratulations! 

    Alvarez - chief 


    Dr. Micah Walker receives Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award


    Dr. Micah Walker was recently selected as one of six residents chosen by our UMMC third year medical students to receive the Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award, sponsored by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. This award honors residents who have demonstrated an enthusiastic commitment to teaching and who serve as role models for the compassionate treatment of patients and families, students, and colleagues.  The award includes membership in the Gold Foundation and a monetary gift, will be presented on June 14, 2017 during our Student Clinician Ceremony, which celebrates the transition of second year students from the preclinical to clinical years and highlights the role of humanism in medicine.  Micah will also be included on a poster of this year's recipients which will be displayed in the School of Medicine and in the UMMC hospital lobby.  When you see Micah, give him a kudos! 

    Booth to serve as representative on Board of MS Academy of Family Physicians


    Dr. Ashlie Booth was elected by fellow residents from all of the Mississippi family medicine residency programs to serve as the 2017-2018 resident respresentative on the board of the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians. The election took place at the Spring meeting of the MAFP in Jackson. 

    Olutade accepted into PRIDE Summer Institute Program


    Dr. Joyce Olutade, Assistant Professor in Family Medicine, has been accepted into the PRIDE Summer Institute Program. Programs to Increase Diversity among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research, collectively referred to as PRIDE, were established to provide junior scientists, whose backgrounds are currently underrepresented in biomedical research, with opportunities to gain the knowledge and tools they need to carry out independent and meaningful research and advance their careers. This initiative is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Each Summer Institute Program has a unique, specialized research focus.  Dr. Olutade will be participating in the Obesity Health Disparities Program here at UMMC. 


    Shipley receives


    Dr. Sonya Shipley, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, received her degree of Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians from MAFP President Dr. Sue Simmons during the MAFP Spring Conference in Jackson. 

    Congratulations, Dr. Shipley!

    Dr. Thais Tonore and Dr. David Norris receive 2017 Trailblazer Teaching Award

    To recognize and celebrate the time and effort faculty have put into educating the physicians of the future, the Office of Medical Education has announced the 2017 Trailblazer Teaching Award Pin recipients. Drs. Thais Tonore and David Norris have been recognized with the Award. The reward honors excellent educators who:  

    • demonstrate teaching innovations in course and curriculum design;
    • demonstrate the ability to engage, inspire and mentor learners; 
    • communicate clear, cohesive learning goals to their students;
    • engage in continual professional development as educators;
    • demonstrate educational leadership through collaboration with other teachers to enrich the sholarship of teaching and learning;
      serve as catalysts for the enhancement of teaching and learning; and
    • value feedback and the ongoing acquisition of knowledge and skills to enhance their teaching effectiveness.

    Dr. Tonore is Professor and Dr. Norris is Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine. We congratulation you both for this recognition.

                              david_norris.jpg      thais_tonore2.jpg
                                      Norris                     Tonore

    Dr. Kelley Bishop receives WellCare's Patient Satisfaction Award


    Dr. Kelley Bishop, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, is one of only five physicians at UMMC to receive a Patient Satisfaction Award from WellCare. This award is based on survey responses from WellCare members who received a CAHPS survey on their providers in 2016.  Well don, Dr. Bishop!


    Norris represents Family Medicine at Mississippi Association of Partners in Education Governor's Awards luncheon

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center was honored for our partnership of excellence with Jackson Public Schools at the March 1, 2017 Mississippi Association of Partners in Education Governor's luncheon. The award recognizes our involvement across our campus by each of our schools and multiple departments, and Dr. David Norris, Associate Professor, attended as Family Medicine's representative. The award recognizes involvement with projects and programs like the SGS Project Reach, SOM Tar Wars program, SOD and SHRP Give Kids a Smile, SON Handwashing Project, and the Alignment Jackson Career Fair that involved multiple schools and UMMC departments including the SOP and the Simulation Center amongst nine other departments.  The Award also recognizes our commitment to professional development of faculty of JPS by projects headed by Dr. Rob Rockhold, such as STEMI grant and Base Pair program.  We can be very proud of the contributions the University of Mississippi Medical Center, its faculty, staff, and students have made to local public education.

    Shipley receives recognition for work with STFM


    Each STFM president is given an opportunity to recognize individuals at the STFM Annual Spring Conference who have had a significant positive impact on our discipline or on the president personally. Dr. Sonya Shipley, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, will be recognized for her work as a member of STFM's Faculty for Tomorrow Task Force by giving her a President's Award at the 2017 STFM Annual Spring Conference in San Diego in May.

    Each member of the task force has played an important role in training and developing our residents and new faculty to see their potential as faculty and teachers. The need for good teachers is significant. Task force members' work may have sparked the teacher in these individuals that previously was unnoticed. The outcomes of Faculty for Tomorrow have the potential to endure for years to come as these residents and new faculty move into the workforce and engage other learners. 

    The members of the task force are recognized as excellent teachers and role models and have set an excellent example of how leaders work together to make a difference on an important need. 

    Pittman receives 2016 Golden Stethoscope Award

    Pittman Moore
    Pittman Moore

    Dr. Shannon Pittman Moore received the Golden Stethoscope Award from the graduating class of 2016 for her outstanding teaching and support during their residency.

    Family Medicine honors at Resident Certificate Ceremony June 2016


     John M Miller





    John M Miller


    Dr. Anuj Marya received the Daniel Mark Pogue, MD, Humanitarian Award, presented each year to a third-year resident for demonstrating compassion, generosity, a positive attitude and humility and for exhibiting dedication to service and a commitment to elevating the values of humanism and professionalism in the field of medicine.

    Dr. John Miller II received the George Lally Bevill Memorial Fellowship Fund Award, presented to a third-year resident for showing outstanding characteristics in the dedication to and practice of the arts and sciences of medicine and who has demonstrated excellence in leadership, maturity and a strong concern for the welfare of others. 

    Dr. Sweni Gandhi and Dr. Tabitha Manero received the Gary W. Jefcoats Award, presented each year to two second-year residents for exemplifying outstanding teaching characteristics in the areas of medical student, resident and patient educations. 

    Dr. Hannah Ray received the W.R. Gillis Award, presented each year to a first-year resident for best performance in the areas of clinical competence, fulfillment of responsibilities and academic achievement.

    Dr. John Miller II received the Hardy B. Woodbridge Memorial Award, presented each year to recognize the third-year resident who has demonstrated superior academic achievement throughout the residency.

    Residents recognized in the 2015-2016 Carl G. Evers, M.D. Society report

    The Carl G. Evers, M.D. Society was established at our institution as an honorary and service organization.  The Society is composed of medical students, each elected by the members of his or her class.  This organization seeks to improve medical education at UMMC by opening channels of communication between the student population and those responsible for curriculum modification, including, the Curriculum Committee and the Dean of the School of Medicine.  Their primary responsibility is to evaluate course work required in the preclinical and clinical years of medical school, and this year's report contained overwhelmingly positive feedback.  As part of the report, the students are asked to comment on the residents in each department.

    The following residents were recognized for their enthusiasm, dedication, patient interactions, feedback and great teaching:

    Kristie Alvarez
    Albert Arthur
    Mike Bookhardt
    Liana Campbell
    Chance Davis
    Omar Dominique 
    Jonathan Flowers
    Ardarian Gilliam-Pierre
    Chloe Kilman
    Matt Meece
    David Pierre
    Hannah Ray
    Julie Rivero
    Katie Royals
    Lija Thomas

    Dr. Diane Beebe, Professor and Chair of the Family Medicine Department, gives kudos to Dr. David Norris, Director of Student Programs, who has worked very hard to adapt and restructure our third year Family Medicine Clerkship experience. To the residents, she says “Thank you sincerely to each one of you for taking the time with the students, for teaching them and supporting them. I know your days are busy and the work is much and time is often short, but your commitment to your patients shows by your example, and your time with the students helps ensure a great future for our specialty and profession!”

    UMMC FMIG awarded first place in AAFP Tar Wars Challenge

    Medical student Jesse Morrison presents Tar Wars to Cathedral School group in Natchez
    Medical student Jesse Morrison presents Tar Wars to Cathedral School group in Natchez

    UMMC FMIG was recently awarded first place by the American Academy of Family Physicians as part of the Tar Wars Challenge for FMIGs.  The Academy recognizes FMIGs as part of the Challenge for their outstanding community service efforts to educate children about the harmful effects of tobacco use. Other FMIGs who received awards are the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield (second place) and the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle (third place).

    The FMIG at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine encourages the promotion of the Tar Wars program to its students each academic year. In fact, all medical students at the school will participate in presenting Tar Wars at least once during their medical school career.

    Tar Wars presentations by the school's medical students reached more than 3,400 fourth- and fifth-grade students during the past school year , and the program has already been presented to more than 2,000 students this year.

    Andrew Brown, a fourth-year medical student and a Tar Wars presenter, told AAFP News he really enjoyed the children's enthusiasm and participation in the anti-tobacco campaign. "They seemed to really understand how harmful these habits are, and I could feel the impact that Tar Wars is making," he said. "We are grateful for the opportunity to present this material. "Through the Tar Wars program, (our school) is able to reach thousands of Mississippi children and positively influence both their individual futures and the future of our state.

    Family Medicine receives $250,000 Faculty Development Funding from UMMC Graduate

    Dr. Diane K. Beebe, Professor and Chair, UMMC Family Medicine Dept., and Dr. Edwin E. Flournoy
    Dr. Diane K. Beebe, Professor and Chair, UMMC Family Medicine Dept., and Dr. Edwin E. Flournoy

    Dr. Edwin Flournoy forged his professional reputation in Georgia, but, thanks to a recent donation, his name will live on in his home state of Mississippi as well.  A $250,000 gift in his name has established an endowed fund for the Department of Family Medicine at University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), where Flournoy graduated from the School of Medicine in 1960. 

    A longtime resident of Albany, Ga., Flournoy serves on the board of the donor organization: the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP) Educational Foundation, which had never provided a grant outside its home state before.  

     "This was a special situation," said Robin Eubanks, executive director of the Atlanta-based foundation.  When we decided to give endowments in honor of our board members, Dr. Flournoy said he wanted his to go there in Jackson, where he was raised, went to elementary school, high school, college and medical school."   

     The Edwin E. Flournoy, M.D. Endowed Family Medicine Fund for Faculty Development can be used to fund, among other things, workshops, training sessions, retreats and the recruitment of visiting professors or other experts to teach faculty members.    

     "I'm very happy I can do this in Mississippi," Flournoy said during a recent luncheon at UMMC. "I very much honor the education I received here."  

     The fund will grow and endure as it accepts more gifts, which are fully tax-deductible when made through the University of Mississippi Foundation. Endowed funds are held permanently, with the annual income directed to the designated area.  

     "We are thrilled to honor a graduate who has been a forefather in establishing family medicine residencies," said Dr. Diane Beebe, chair of the Department of Family Medicine.  "Faculty members who come to residency programs were trained as doctors, not as teachers; so faculty development is never-ending and needs a lot of support.  Its importance in accreditation is stronger than ever. To be able to support it in perpetuity is really a gift," she said.   

     Flournoy's personal connection to UMMC is broad and deep. His wife Beth, a Meridian native, had their first child at UMMC in Jackson, the city where they met as students at Millsaps College.  Flournoy ended up in Georgia because of his military commitment to the U.S. Air Force, which eventually landed him in Albany, in a poor, rural area of the state lacking physicians. He practiced there from 1965 until his retirement in 2007.   

     "Dr. Flournoy was instrumental in starting the family medicine program in Albany, helping populate southwest Georgia with family physicians," Beebe said. "That is no small accomplishment."  

     Flournoy was one of five physicians who established the GAFP Educational Foundation, now a grant-giving institution.  

     "It has quite a legacy of supporting education," Beebe said.  

     Although he has retired, Flournoy continues to work part-time at a Veterans Administration clinic in Albany.  "It gives me a warm feeling to still be able to practice the art of medicine today," he said.   

     The Edwin E. Flournoy, M.D. Endowed Family Medicine Fund for Faculty Development is open to accept gifts from individuals and organizations. Those interested in contributing can send a check with the fund's name written in the memo line to the University of Mississippi Foundation, P.O. Box 249, University, Miss. 38677; or visit online   

    UMMC Family Medicine residency graduate honored as Family Physician of the Year by MAFP

    Dr. Lucius Lampton of Magnolia, was honored as the MAFP Family Physician of the Year during the Annual Meeting. The award is presented annually to the physician contributing the most to the development of Family Medicine in the state. It is known as the John B. Howell Memorial Award and was established in memory of Dr. Howell, a pioneer in the practice of Family Medicine and long-time delegate to the AAFP.

    Lampton was awarded his medical degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in 1993 and stayed on to complete his Family Medicine residency. He is licensed to practice in Mississippi, Louisiana and Ontario, Canada.

    Lampton practices at the Magnolia Clinic and serves as chief of staff and medical director of Beacham Memorial Hospital. A past president of the MAFP, Lampton has been actively involved in the academy over the years and is currently an alternate AAFP delegate.   

    Lampton's dedication to Family Medicine can be seen in his involvement in the establishment of the nationally recognized MS Rural Physicians Scholarship Program, and he continues to serve on the legislative commission which is charged with its oversight. In 2006, he was appointed to the MS State Board of Health by Governor Barbour and was promptly elected chair.

    Lampton is married to the former Louise Lyell of Jackson and they have two sons, Crawford and Garland.

    Pfizer/AAFP visiting professorship

    The Department of Family Medicine proudly hosted William K. Mygdal, EdD as a visiting professor May 19-21, 2010. The Department was one of only seven grant awardees in the nation.

    Dr. Mygdal is the former director of the Family Practice Faculty Development Center of Texas and former faculty member at the Waco Family Practice Residency. He is a past president of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine and was the recipient of the Society's Excellence in Education award. He also served on the Academic Council for the AAFP National Institute for Program Director Development.

    Dr. Mygdal has published and presented widely in the area of faculty development and consulted with numerous departments and residency programs.

    During the three days, faculty, residents and fellows participated in sessions related to:

    • The One-Minute Preceptor Teaching Model
    • The Patient-Centered Interview Model
    • Building a Clinical Teaching Team
    • Appreciative Inquiry Skills
    • Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Time Management