Evidence-Based Medicine

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  • Evidence-Based Medicine

    The Department of Family Medicine has long supported use of evidence-based materials within our educational programs and for use in point-of-care for our patients in all settings. While we recognize that the science of medicine must be tailored with the art of medicine to the individual patient, residents are taught to access and utilize the most current guidelines and standards and to evaluate the strength of the evidence presented.

    All residents, faculty and fellows have access to numerous on-line journals and electronic databases. In fact, the Department of Family Medicine was the first on campus to supply hand-held electronic devices for access to data at point-of-care when these were first available. Since then, we continue to support this vital component of patient care and lifelong learning.

    University of Mississippi Medical Center faculty and residents have collaborated with the subspecialty medical staff and administration of Mississippi Baptist Medical Center to develop Evidence-Based Family Medicine (EBFM) admission protocols/pathways for our top 20 DRG diagnoses. Additionally, ambulatory disease management protocols have been created for standardization of our faculty and resident clinic practice for a multitude of conditions.