Clinical Services

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  • Outpatient Services

    University Family Medicine provides a wide range of outpatient services for patients of all ages, including:

    • Acute illnesses
    • Complete physical examinations for:
      • college
      • insurance
      • camp
      • employment
      • newborns
      • school sports
    • Screening examinations for:
      • hypertension
      • diabetes
      • cholesterol
      • heart disease
      • cancers, including:
        • breast (mammograms arranged)
        • cervix (pap smears and colposcopy)
        • colon (flexible sigmoidoscopy)
        • prostate (rectal exams and lab testing)
    • Management of chronic medical illnesses
    • Comprehensive assessment of the elderly - home visits
    • Nursing home care at selected sites
    • Pregnancy care with delivery at Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants
    • Patient education services
    • Psychology services
    • Social services


    Our clinics accept appointments from 8 a.m.-4:30 Monday-Friday. Appointments can be scheduled through the UMMC Access Center (a central scheduling center) at (888) or (601) 815-2005.

    Social services

    The Department of Family Medicine employs a licensed clinical social worker as a valuable member of the medical team in our two outpatient clinics. Our mission is two-fold: to assist our patients in addressing their psychosocial issues, and to teach our family medicine residents about the impact that these issues have on their patients' physical and emotional health.

    In addition, our residents are required to make two home visits each academic year with the social worker. Social work services are provided to our patients free of charge. Some of the services provided include:

    • Counseling;
    • Assistance¬†with applying for Medicaid;
    • Assistance with applying for disability;
    • Assistance with obtaining medications;
    • Case management of HIV patients
    • Assistance with nursing home placements;
    • Referral to community resources;
    • Alcohol/drug rehabilitation referrals;
    • Assistance with obtaining food and shelter.

    Our social worker also provides crisis intervention in situations such as child abuse and domestic violence.