Clinical Services

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  • Outpatient Services

    University Family Medicine provides a wide range of outpatient services for patients of all ages, including:

    • Acute illnesses
    • Complete physical examinations for:
      • college
      • insurance
      • camp
      • employment
      • newborns
      • school sports
    • Screening examinations for:
      • hypertension
      • diabetes
      • cholesterol
      • heart disease
      • cancers, including:
        • breast (mammograms arranged)
        • cervix (pap smears and colposcopy)
        • colonoscopy (arranged)
        • prostate (rectal exams and lab testing)
    • Management of chronic medical illnesses
    • Comprehensive assessment of the elderly - with a home visit program  
    • Pregnancy care with delivery at Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants
    • Patient education services
    • Psychology services
      • behavioral interventions to manage various acute and chronic medical conditions such as headaches, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, sleep difficulties and obesity
      • smoking cessation
      • stress management
      • depression and anxiety
      • grief
      • anger management


    Our clinics accept appointments from 8 a.m.-4:40 Monday-Friday. Appointments can be scheduled through the UMMC Access Center (a central scheduling center) at (888) or (601) 815-2005.

    Faculty Ph.D. psychologists see patients and are available for consult within the practice.

    Doctor of Pharmacy Management Services

    Both Lakeland and Flowood clinics have part-time doctor of pharmacy faculty who work with patients on disease management, health promotion and medication management. They are available for consult by the patient's primary care provider.