Clinical Services

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  • Inpatient Services

    Our Family Medicine faculty and residents care for inpatients at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center (MBMC), a local community hospital with whom our program has been affiliated since 1973. Residents have the opportunity to evaluate patients in the emergency room and admit patients in an unopposed residency environment at a community hospital.

    MBMC Family Medicine Service

    Residents and faculty rotate on a monthly basis the responsibility for the care of hospitalized patients, in addition to the patient's continuity physician who serves as consultant to the hospital team during the patient's hospital stay.

    All PGY-1's spend some time on the in-hospital team at MBMC supervised by an in-hospital upper level resident and an in-hospital faculty member.

    The MBMC hospital service offers an excellent inpatient experience, including intensive care. Continuity patients from our three continuity locations - Grant's Ferry Family Medicine, Lakeland Family Medicine Center, and Flowood Family Medicine Center - are the main focus of the admissions. Also a limited number of unreferred patients from the MBMC Emergency Department are accepted.

    With such a variety of patients with a diversity of problems, the residents are exposed to a wealth of medical experience during their months on MBMC hospital service; the following are the general goals and objectives for the rotations:

    • Obtain an intensive hospital patient care experience in the community hospital setting.
    • Gain experience in emergency room assessment and management, as well as medical presentation skills.
    • Develop consultation skills necessary in the private practice of Family Medicine in a community setting. This includes appropriate use of consultants and serving as a consultant.
    • Understand indications for and performance of common hospital-based procedures and therapies instrumental in patient assessment and care.
    • Gain skills in basic laboratory and radiographic interpretation.
    • Gain skills in basic laboratory/radiographic interpretation and medical computer skills.

    The MBMC hospital team includes third- and fourth-year medical students. Rotating pharmacy residents also participate in hospital rounds at MBMC. Our clinical psychology faculty provide consultative services.