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    While the Department of Dermatology is young, we stand on the shoulders of dermatologists from the state of Mississippi who have cared for Mississippians and made outstanding contributions to the field of dermatology, including James Grant Thompson, MD, and Louis “Skip” Wise, MD, the earliest pioneers of Dermatology in Mississippi.

    Sabra Sullivan, MD, a nationally-known expert in the field of childhood hemangiomas and a leader in dermatology advocacy, came to UMMC in April 1995 in the first efforts towards a dermatology presence at UMMC. At this time, dermatology was a division in the Department of Medicine.

    Nancye McCowan, MD, came to the UMMC in 2007. Within two years, she and J. Randall Jordan, MD, developed the Face & Skin Center in Ridgeland, MS. This multidisciplinary effort supported by the Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences established a university presence in the field of cosmetic dermatology outside the medical center and re-established a dermatology presence at UMMC.

    Julie Wyatt, MD, joined the faculty in 2009 and brought with her an interest in pediatric dermatology and complex medical dermatology. She cared for all hospitalized dermatology patients at the university until 2013 when the faculty developed a shared call schedule.

    Kimberley Ward, MD, joined the faculty in 2011 following an esteemed academic training and experience in private practice to establish an evidence-based cosmetic practice. Dr. Ward has added many new procedures and offerings at UMMC in the short time she has been here.

    Robert T. Brodell, MD, was recruited in 2012 to establish a Department of Dermatology and a residency training program in dermatology. With the help of Drs. McCowan, Wyatt and Ward, an application Program Information Form was completed and in April 2013 the program was approved by the Residency Review Committee of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to enroll the first residents in July 2013.

    William Black, MD (Mohs surgery), Jeremy Jackson, MD (general dermatology and lymphoma), and Stephen E. Helms, MD (occupational dermatology and patch testing), joined the faculty in 2013, expanding the skill set of the department in conjunction with the start of the new residency program.