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  • J. Paula Warrington, PhD

    Warrington, Paula - 100x150Instructor
    Office: G451-01
    Lab: G355, G254, G255                                          
    Office phone: (601) 815-1442
    Lab phone:(601) 984-1811

    Areas of expertise

    • General: Cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, and reproductive physiology.
    • Specific: Cerebrovascular abnormalities in pregnancy and preeclampsia, cerebral edema, blood-brain barrier permeability, cerebral blood flow autoregulation, cerebrovascular myogenic reactivity.

    Research methods

    Surgical techniques such as: Rat and mouse model of placental ischemia (reduced uterine perfusion pressure), chronic infusions via implantation of mini-osmotic pumps. Molecular techniques such as: Western blot, ELISA, histology, vessel transfections, etc. Acute measurement of arterial blood pressure via catheter, Ex-vivo measurement of cerebrovascular function, cerebral blood flow autoregulation.

    Current projects

    Mechanisms for placental ischemia mediated cerebrovascular abnormalities