Seminar and Lecture Series

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  • Seminar Schedule for 2013

    Date SpeakerSeminar Title Department
    01/02/2013No Seminar New Year Holiday  No Seminar
    01/09/2013  Dr. Rebecca BerdeauxRegulation and Function of SIK1 in Myogenesis and Metabolism    University of Texas Health Sciences Center-Houston
    01/16/2013Dr. Silu LuImpaired Exercise Capability in Obesity
    Local Mechanisms and Global Outcomes
     UMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    1/23/2013Dr. Ian PaulRat Squeaks, Human Depression, and Cardiovascular Disease: Can These Possibly Be Related?UMMC- Psychiatry  
    1/30/2013Dr. Alexandre daSilvaCNS Control of Glucose Homeostasis by the Leptin-Melanocortin 4 Receptor AxisUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    2/06/2013Dr. Michael LehmanKISS and KNDy in the Brain: Key Roles in Reproductive Health and DiseaseUMMC- Anatomy & Neuroscience
    2/13/2013Dr. Paula WarringtonMechanisms for Placental Ischemia Mediated Cerebrovascular Abnormalities UMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    2/20/2013Dr. Richard JohnsonRole of Uric Acid in Hypertension and Kidney DiseaseUniversity of Colorado Denver 
    2/27/2013Dr. Jussara doCarmoRegulation of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Function by the Brain Leptin-Melanocortin PathwayUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    3/06/2013Dr. Edgar JaimesThe Transcription Factor ETS-1: A Novel Mediator of Vascular and Renal InjuryUniversity of Alabama-Birmingham
    3/13/2013Dr. Yiling FuTestosterone and Renal MicrocirculationUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    3/20/2013Dr. Michael GarrettGenetic Variants in Arhgef11 Promote Kidney Injury and Reduced Renal Function Through Rho-Rock PathwayUMMC- Pharmacology & Toxicology
    3/27/2013Dr. Babbette LaMarcaImmune Pathways Altered in Response to Placental Ischemia that Mediate Hypertension During Pregnancy; Elucidating Mechanisms of PreeclampsiaUMMC- OB&GYN
    4/03/2013Dr. Lusha XiangOrthopedic Trauma in Obesity: Risk Factors and Potential Therapeutic Options for Remote Organ FailureUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    4/10/2013Dr. Frank SpradleyObesity Increases the Risk for Preeclampsia: Weighing In On the MechanismsUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    4/17/2013Practice Talks- Experimental BiologyKeisa Mathis, Peter Hosick, Emily Gilbert, Kristine DeLeon-Pennell, Yonggang Ma, Peter Mittwede, Rodrigo Maranon, Yiling Fu, and Frank SpradleyUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    4/24/2013No SeminarEXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGYNo Seminar  
    5/01/2013Dr. Martin MyersNeural Mechanisms of Leptin ActionUniversity of Michigan
    5/08/2013Dr. Hui ZhangStructural Analysis of Glycoproteins and GlycansJohn Hopkins University School of Medicine
    5/15/2013Dr. Lique CoolenSpinal Chord Control of Sexual ReflexesUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    5/22/2013Dr. Donald KohanNew Insights Into Collecting Duct Regulation of Volume Homeostasis and Arterial PressureUniversity of Utah
    5/29/2013Dr. Michael RyanA Role for Adaptive Immunity in the Pathogenesis of HypertensionUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    6/05/2013Dr. Heather DrummondImportance of bENaC as a Mechanosensor in Renal VSMCs: The Final SagaUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    6/12/2013Dr. Alejandro ChadeThe Endothelin Pathway in Chronic Renovascular Disease: A Potential Therapeutic TargetUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    6/19/2013Dr. Thomas GettysRemodeling of the Integration of Lipid Metabolism Between Liver and Adipose Tissue by Dietary Methionine RestrictionPennington Biomedical Research Center
    6/26/2013Dr. Merry LindseyCardiac Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Following Myocardial InfarctionUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    7/03/2013No SeminarRENAL HEMODYNAMICS MEETINGNo Seminar  
    7/10/2013Dr. Sean DidionVascular Phenotypes and Whole Genome Profiles in Obesity: The Mirrored Maze of Mouse ModelsUMMC- Pharmacology & Toxicology 
    7/17/2013Dr. Barbara AlexanderSex Differences in the Developmental Programming of Cardiovascular RiskUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    7/24/2013Dr. David StecBilirubin: Target for the Treatment of Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome?UMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    7/31/2013Dr. Robert HesterFrom "T" to "H", a Modeling PrimerUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics
    8/07/2013Dr. Jane ReckelhoffPostmenopausal Hypertension: Insights from Animal ModelsUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    8/14/2013Dr. Giulio AgnettiFrom 2D Gels to the Imaging Suite: An Unexpected Proteomic JourneyJohn Hopkins University School of Medicine
    8/21/2013Dr. Ruisheng LiuThe Role of Tubuloglomerular Feedback in Control of Blood Pressure and Kidney FunctionUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    8/22/2013Dr. Peter LibbyInflammation in Atherosclerosis: A Translational TaleHarvard University
    8/28/2013Dr. Thomas LohmeierDevice-Based Therapy for Hypertension: Hype or Hope?UMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    9/04/2013Practice Talks- Council for High Blood Pressure ResearchKeisa Mathis, Rodrigo Maranon, and Suttira IntapadUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    9/11/2013No SeminarHIGH BLOOD PRESSURE COUNCILNo Seminar  
    9/18/2013 Dr. Rebecca Simmons The Epigenetic Landscape of the Beta Cell in Type 2 DiabetesUniversity of Pennsylvania
    9/25/2013Dr. Jozef DulakCross-Talk Between Heme Oxygenase-1 and MicroRNAs in Cancer and Stem CellsUniversity Gronostajowa
    10/02/2013Dr. Ana PaleiLinking Metabolic Disturbances With the Development of PreeclampsiaUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics   
    10/09/2013Dr. Jennifer Sasser UMMC- Pharmacology & Toxicology 
    10/16/2013John ClemmerCardiovascular and Pulmonary Consequences of Obesity after HemorrhageUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    10/17/2013Dr. James HillPromoting Wellness from the Leanest to the Fattest States in the U.S.Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
    10/23/2013Dr. Pablo OrtizRole of the Thick Ascending Limb in Salt Sensitive Hypertension: Finding New PathwaysHenry Ford
    10/30/2013Dr. James WilsonLarge-Scale Genetic Analysis: Implications for CVD Risk UMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    11/06/2013Dr. Terry HindsHeme Oxygenase Signaling to Biliverdin Reductase Inhibits Lipid AccumulationUniversity of Toledo
    11/13/2013Dr. Richard GlassockEstimated and Measured GFR with Aging: Truths and ConsequencesUCLA
    11/20/2013Dr. Keisa MathisNeuro-Immune Interactions in the Development of Hypertension and Renal InjuryUMMC- Physiology & Biophysics  
    11/27/2013No SeminarThanksgivingNo Seminar  
    12/04/2013Dr. Iain ScottNutrition, Acetylation and Mitochondrial Quality ControlNational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
    12/10/2013Dr. Shiyou ChenTGF-beta Signaling in Smooth Muscle Cell Differentiation and Vascular RemodelingUniversity of Georgia

    Dr. Adam Chambers

    Weight Independent Benefits of Bariatric Surgery: Beyond Restriction

    University of Cincinnati


    Dr. Yan Lu

    The Role of Macula Densa nNOS in Salt Sensitive Hypertension and Acute Renal Injury

    UMMC- Physiology & Biophysics

    12/25/2013No Seminar