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  • Robert Hester, PhD

    Hester, Robert-HQ-CroppedProfessor
    Director, Center for Computational Medicine 
    Director, Departmental Computer Services
    Electronics and Instrumentations Core                    
    Office: G151-2
    Lab: G153
    Office phone: (601) 984-1816
    Lab phone:(601) 984-1316
    E-mail: rhester@umc.edu

    Areas of expertise

    • General: Integrative physiology.
    • Specific: Modeling and computer simulation of the cardiovascular system; blood flow control; vascular biology; exercise; obesity and metabolic syndrome; computational physiology.

    Research methods and techniques

    Acute microcirculatory and whole animal measurements of cardiovascular function in small rodents. Assessment of vascular function using isolated arterioles. Molecular and biochemical assays (i.e.Western Blot, ELISA). Mathematical simulation of physiological processes.