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  • Radu Iliescu, MD, PhD

    Iliescu, Radu (2)Affiliate Faculty
    Department of Physiology

    Areas of expertise

    • General: Regulation of blood pressure and mechanisms of hypertension. Hypertensive renal and cardiac injury. Role of sex hormones in the cardiovascular system.
    • Specific: Role of baroreflexes and renal autoregulation in cardiovascular dynamics in health and disease.

    Research methods and techniques

    Chronic physiological assessment of cardiovascular - renal parameters in rodents and large mammals. Analysis of spontaneous fluctuations of blood pressure, heart rate and renal blood flow. Steady-state and dynamic techniques for assessment of baroreflex and renal autoregulatory function. Quantitative modeling of dynamic physiological processes. Determinations of gene expression at mRNA and protein level. Biochemical measurement of reactive species and oxidative stress.