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  • William A. "Drew" Pruett, PhD

    Office: G152
    Lab: G153
    Lab phone: (601) 815-1316
    E-mail: wpruett@umc.edu

    Areas of expertise

    General: Mathematics, cardiovascular/endocrine physiology

    Specific: Mathematical model development and analysis, push forward of statistical distributions in nonlinear models, machine learning techniques, Boolean and multilevel network analysis.

    Research methods

    Our lab creates mathematical models of human physiology for hypothesis generation, hypothesis testing, and education purposes.  We emphasize cardiovascular and endocrine physiology.  We use novel and established statistical methods to create population models displaying one or more pathophysiologies.

    Current Projects

    1. Probabilistic inversion of variable distributions to generate the underlying parameter distributions intrinsic to specific states of health and disease.
    2. Multilevel network analysis of menstruation/pregnancy
    3. Parametric basis of pathology
    4. Integration of signal networks and adaptive physiological models