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  • Lusha Xiang, MD

    Xiang-Website.jpgAssistant Professor
    Office: G163
    Phone: (601) 984-1803

    Areas of expertise

    • General: Cardiovascular, pulmonary, and exercise physiology. 
    • Specific: Mechanisms of trauma-induced lung injury; cardiovascular responses and local blood flow regulation during exercise; obesity and metabolic syndrome; and adipocyte derived relaxing factor.

    Research methods

    Isolated lung perfusion system, microcirculatory measurements of vascular activity in isolated vessels and in whole animals (rats and mice), instrumentations for acute studies of cardiovascular and metabolic functions; isotope methods for measuring renal function; imaging methods; histology, immunohistochemistry, and molecular biology methods for studying organ injury and inflammation markers; and other bioassay methods for measurements of reactive species and prostanoid, etc.