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  • Jian-Wei Gu, MD

     GuII.jpgAssistant Professor
    Office: G162                                                   
    Lab: G173
    Office phone: (601) 815-3402
    Lab phone: (601) 984-1830

    Areas of expertise

    • General: Cardiovascular physiology, exercise physiology, cancer biology.
    • Specific: Regulation of angiogenesis; relationship between sodium intake and hypertension; mechanisms of alcohol-induced oxidative stress in angiogenesis; role of exercise in regulation of angiogenesis and adipose tissue mass.

    Research methods and technologies

    We have established CD31 immunochemistry staining to determine capillary density in the heart, skeletal muscle, and tumors in the rats and mice. We have the integrated physiology models such as chronic alcohol consumption in rats or mice, muscle stimulation in rats, voluntary exercise in mice or rats, VEGF gene therapy in rats, multicellular communication culture system, chick CAM cancer model, melanoma or breast cancer model in the immunocompetant mice, postmenopausal obese mice and the Powerlab system to monitor blood pressure in rats or mice. We also apply molecular biology methods such as gene array analysis, Northern blot, Western blot, real-time PCR, and electrophorectic mobility shift assays.