Graduate Program

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  • Graduate Program Faculty


    John E. Hall, PhD 
    Arthur C. Guyton Professor & Chair
    Director, Mississippi Center for Obesity Research
    Office: G251
    Lab: G253
    Office phone: (601) 984-1801
    Lab phone: (601) 984-1829

     AdairIII.jpgThomas Adair, PhD
    Office: G159
    Lab: G173
    Office phone: (601) 984-1806
    Lab phone: (601) 984-1830
     barbara alexanderBarbara Alexander, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Director, Analytical and Assay Laboratory
    Office: G359
    Lab: G354
    Assay lab: G475
    Office phone: (601) 984-1831
    Lab phone: (601 815-3106
    Assay lab phone: (601) 984-1825
     alejandro chade

    Alejandro Chade, MD
    Associate Professor
    Office: G161
    Lab: G164
    Office phone: (601) 984-2898
    Lab phone: (601) 815-1060

     Coolen, LiqueJ. Lique Coolen, PhD
    Professor of Physiology and Biophysics and 
    Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences
    Office: R617-01
    Lab: R617               
    Office phone: (601) 815-8762
    Lab phone: (601) 815-5634

    Heather Drummond, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Director, Confocal Microscopy Facility  
    Office: G258
    Lab: G254
    Confocal facility: G272                            
    Office phone: (601) 984-1812
    Lab phone: (601) 815-1381

     George, Eric 

    Eric George, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Office: G461
    Lab: G461                            
    Office phone: (601) 984-6689
    Lab phone: (601) 984-5299

    Joey Granger, PhD
    Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor
    Professor of Physiology and Medicine
    Director, Center for Excellence in Cardiovascular-Renal Research
    Dean, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences
    Office: G451
    Lab: G355
    Office phone: (601) 984-1821
    Lab phone: (601) 984-1811


    Robert Hester, PhD
    Director, Computer Services, Electronics and Instrumentations Core                    
    Office: G151-2
    Lab: G153
    Office phone: (601) 984-1816
    Lab phone:(601) 984-1316

     Lindsey, Merry

    Merry L. Lindsey, PhD
    Professor of Physiology and Medicine
    Director, Jackson Center for Heart Research at UMMC
    Office: G351-04
    Lab: G364/74                                                    
    Office phone: (601) 815-1329
    Lab phone: (601) 984-1824                            

      ReckelhoffJJane F. Reckelhoff, PhD
    Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor
    Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
    Director, Women's Health Research Center
    Director of Research Development, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs  
    Office: G351
    Lab: G353
    Office phone: (601) 984-1819
    Lab phone: (601) 984-1837

    Michael Ryan, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Director of Graduate Studies in Physiology
    Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies in Health Sciences
    Office: G259                          
    Lab: G255
    Office phone:(601) 984-1842
    Lab phone: (601) 815-4856


    David Stec, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Director, Transgenic Core                      
    Office: G158
    Lab: G154                                   
    Transgenic Lab: G165
    Office phone: (601) 815-1859
    Lab phone:(601) 815-1366

     WilsonJames Wilson, MD
    Office: G262    
    Office phone: (601) 984-2855