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  • Solution

    We use DEMaker's File | Open menu selection to load existing models such as An Example - Epidemic.DES from storage. We next edit the file as necessary. Then we use DEMaker's Solve main menu selection to pass the XML document on to DESolver. If there are no errors during parsing, DESolver displays its main menu and the display panel that we designed, as shown below. Epidemic day 1x.gif

    Note the initial values of 1000 healthy people, 5 contagious people and no recovered people.

    Next we click Go and 10 Days. The solution is calculated and displayed, as shown below.  

    Epidemic day 2x.gif

    The healthy population has been depleted. Most are infected and contagious. Some are recovering.

    We now click Go and 10 Days again to get 10 more days of solution. The results are shown below.  

    Epidemic 3x.gif

    The healthy population is gone. The contagious population is declining. The recovered population is growing to eventually include everyone.