Core Facilities

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  • Histology Core Services and Fees

    Histology Core services offered by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics include:

    • General histology: Routine processing, embedding and sectioning of paraffin and frozen tissues. Glycomethacrylate processing and sectioning is available upon request.
    • Special histological staining: A wide array of routine and special histological staining is performed in accordance with established Protocols.
    • Immunohistochemistry: Manual and automated immunohistochemistry services are available for established procedures and protocols. Consultation services are available for developing new protocols for antibodies with unknown specificities.
    • Light microscopy and image analysis: The laboratory offers services and training in assessment of basic histology as well as more complex image analysis (e.g. quantitative analysis of immunohistochemical data, stereology).
    • General training: Training for microtome use, cryosectioning, histological or immunohistochemical staining and image analysis is available at an hourly rate.

    For service fees, please refer to our service fee list.

    We do accept work outside the university which will include a 52.5% surcharge to cover indirect costs.

    Service fees

      Service Charge/Unit
    Paraffin processing (including embedding)$1.80/block
    Paraffin sectioning (plain slides)$1.10/slide
    Paraffin sectioning (adhesive slides)$1.70/slide
    Paraffin microtome use$10/hour
    Cryosectioning (plain slides)$2.00/slide
    Cryosectioning (adhesive slides)$2.40/slide
    Cryostat use$20/hour
    Serial sectioning (paraffin or cryostat)variable
    Masson's Trichrome$4.35/slide
    Picrosirius red$2.50/slide
    Oil Red O$4.00/slide
    Cresyl violet$3.40/slide
    Silver stains$4.60/slide
    Other stains by requestvariable
    Immunohistochemistry (primary antibody provided by user)$12.50/slide
     Image analysis  
    Digital images (brightfield and fluorescence)variable
    Digital microscope use$20/hour
    Stereological measurementsvariable
    Other services/consumables  
    Training in paraffin sectioning$35.00/hr
    Training in crysectioning$35.00/hr
    Training in IHC$60.00 procedure
    Training in histological staining$15.00/hr
    Plain slides$10/box of 50
    Superfrost Plus (+) charged slides$20/box of 72
    10% buffered formalin$2.50/L
    Use of dehydration/rehydration station$0.14/slide