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  • Low Level - Glycogen


    Glucose has a molecular weight of 180. Its composition is C6H12O6.

    Glucose gives up an H2O when it is strung together in glycogen. Each glucosal unit (glucopyranose residue) has a molecular weight of 162 and a composition of C6H10O5.


    Muscle glycogen concentration is presented as G Glycogen/100 G Muscle and mMol Glucose/kG Muscle.

    To convert G/100 G to mMol/kG, multiply by 62.

    Rested muscle glycogen concentration depends on diet, training and previous athletic activity. With this disclaimer, typical rested values are 1.4 G/100G (Hultman 1967) and 80 mMol/kG (Gollnick et. al. 1974).


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