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  • General Idea

    This section describes the steps that are needed to create a model and calculate a solution. The topic is the spread of an epidemic. The goal is to describe the interrelationship between healthy, contagious and recovered people and to calculate group sizes as the epidemic spreads.

    The model is defined in an XML document named An Example - Epidemic.DES. This document can be downloaded below.

    The mathematics of this model will be described first. Then the XML grammar used to describe the model for DESolver will be presented. Finally, the model will be passed to DESolver for solution.

    Right click here to download An Example - Epidemic.DES

    Note on downloads: If you left click on the link above, your browser will probably fail to download the file but instead will try to display the file when it sees the file's XML content. So right click on the link instead and then select Save Target As... in explorer or Save Link Target Netscape and Mozilla in the context menu.