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  • Confocal Microscopy

    The Confocal Core Facility is located on the 2nd floor of the new Arthur C. Guyton Research Building in Room G272. The Confocal Core houses a Leica TCS-SP2 laser scanning confocal upright microscope and a Leica TCS-SP8 multiphoton confocal microscope. Both confocal systems have three separate lasers for use with 3 standard visible length fluorescence dyes as well as transmitted light. The multiphoton includes a separate infrared laser.


    The SP2 confocal microscope equipped with three individual lasers (488/546/633 nm) capable of imaging standard fluorescence dyes within the visible spectra, including FITC/TRITC, CY2/CY3/CY5, green fluorescence protein variants (GFP/YFP/RFP/DsRed) and many different indicator dyes (i.e. Ca2+, pH, membrane potential, oxidative stress, etc). This system includes an upright microscope.

    The SP8 is equipped with three individual lasers (488/561/633 nm) capable of imaging standard fluorescence dyes within the visible spectra. This system uses a light green laser (561) instead of the 546 green laser. The 561 laser can still be used with standard CY3 and TRITC dyes, but Alexa 555 dyes are ideal. The multiphoton capability is provided by a Coherent sapphire laser. This system includes an inverted microscope with a Luden chamber.


    • Epifluorescence provided by a mercury lamp (SP2) or halogen lamp (SP8)
    • Both SP2 and SP8 include motorized stages
    • Standard confocal microscopy with simultaneous or sequential image collection
    • Line scan, Z-scan modes
    • 10X, 20X, 40X, 40X oil, 60X oil and 100X oil objectives
    • Transmitted light detection
    • Tunable filter
    • Time lapse
    • Fixed or live cell/tissue imaging.
    • FRET/FRAP (Fluorescence resonance excitation transfer/ Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching)
    • 3D Reconstruction
    • Multiphoton imaging


    • Training: $100/hr
    • User-based imaging: $50/hr

    The Confocal Microscopy Core is primarily an equipment core. Users new to confocal microscopy typically require 2-4 hours of training depending on level of microscopy experience. Experienced users typically require 1-2 hours of training.

    • All users must be trained and pre-approved prior to use by the Confocal Core director.

    Contact information

    • Heather Drummond
       Phone: (601) 984-1812
              E-mail: Heather Drummond