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  • Alejandro Chade, MD

    Chade, Alex 100X150


    Professor of Physiology and Radiology
    Associate Director of Graduate Studies in Physiology
    Office: G161
    Lab: G164
    Office phone: (601) 984-2898
    Lab Phone: (601) 815-1060

    Areas of expertise

    • General: Renovascular disease. Use of imaging to study renal physiology and pathophysiology.
    • Specific: Mechanisms of renal injury in chronic renovascular disease. Role of renal microcirculation in defining the progression of renal injury and the outcomes of the kidney in response to treatment.

    Research methods

    Induction of renovascular hypertension by implantation of a local irritant coil inside the main renal artery, unilaterally, leading to renal artery stenosis. Chronic instrumentation for long-term measurement of blood pressure in pigs. Studies of single-kidney hemodynamics and function in vivo using computer tomography. Studies of the renal microvascular architecture in situ using micro-computer tomography. Renal histology, morphmetric analyses, immunohistochemistry and molecular biology methods for studying target organ injury and cytokine expression.