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  • Jeffrey A. Love, PhD


    Associate Professor
    Office: North Wing, N435
    Phone:(601) 984-1621
    E-mail: JLove@umc.edu


    Research interest

    • Autonomic control of gastrointestinal function

    Current research

    Neural control of pancreatic secretion

    The long-range goals of our research are to 1) understand how the various branches of the autonomic nervous system regulate pancreatic endocrine and exocrine secretion, and 2) to study the role of the pancreatic innervation in the etiology and/or pathophysiology of acute and chronic pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus.

    The electrical properties of pancreatic neurons, pharmacology and plasticity of synaptic transmission, and noradrenergic transmission were characterized in isolated pancreatic ganglia using intracellular recordings combined with immunohistochemistry, HPLC, and measurements of [3H] norepinephrine release. Cholinergic, adrenergic, and non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic synaptic transmission at the neuroeffector junctions between pancreatic neurons and acini were characterized using immunohistochemistry, and measurements of nerve-stimulated amylase secretion in isolated pancreatic lobules. Primary cultures of adult pancreatic neurons were demonstrated to retain the neurochemical profile and electrical properties observed in neurons from intact ganglia while forming functional cholinergic synapses.

    Future studies of the pancreatic innervation will focus on (1) short- and long-term synaptic plasticity at individual synapses in pancreatic ganglia and in cultured pancreatic neurons, (2) defining the morphology, electrical properties, and synaptic potentials of pancreatic neurons innervating specific targets (acini, islets, ducts), (3) identifying the sources and signaling pathways of inhibitory neurotransmitters in pancreatic ganglia, (4) local reflex control of ganglionic transmission by enteric and post-ganglionic sympathetic neurons, (5) patch-clamp recordings of ionic currents regulating the excitability of acutely isolated pancreatic neurons and the effects of neurotransmitters on these currents, and (6) neuroimmune interactions in ganglia, acini, ducts, and islets during acute and chronic pancreatitis, and diabetes mellitus.

    Selected publications

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