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  • Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (MSCF) provides Lipidomics, Quantitative Peptidomics/Proteomics and Metabolomics capabilities to researchers at UMMC as well as to other researchers from intrastate as well as interstate locales. The MSCF provides the expertise in LC/MS/MS, HPLC, sample preparation, method/assay development and data analysis and interpretation. The LC/MS/MS systems are very robust and allow not only targeted analyte quantitation but also Discovery "Omics" when the biomolecules of interest are enriched (IP's, Off-line fractionation/enrichment, gel bands).


    The mission of the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (MCSF) is to serve as a nucleus to develop research and collaborations to increase and enhance competitiveness in biomedical discovery for researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and across Mississippi.

    Major equipment

    The MSCF is equipped with two ABSCIEX QTRAP mass spectrometers (Models 4000 and 5500, ABSCIEX, Foster City, CA) with TurboV Electrospray ion (ESI) sources each coupled to Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC systems under the control of Analyst 1.5.2 software. They have been optimized specifically for quantitative measurement of many physiologically relevant analytes at very low limits of detection. In addition, 2 HPLC systems (an Agilent 1100 series and one Dionex Ultimate system) equipped with UV, fluorescence, radioactive and light scattering detectors allow measurement of more abundant analytes and provide sample prep, cleanup, and enrichment capability prior to LC/MS/MS analysis.


    • Sample preparation
      Provide  technical expertise and extraction protocols for various analytes including drugs, xenobiotics, proteins/peptides, and others from plasma, urine, and  tissue samples.
    • Method/assay development
      Develop robust LC/MS/MS methods for quantitation of many different analytes.  MultiQuant software is used to facilitate data analysis and quantitation.
    • Discovery lipidomics and proteomics
      Although the instruments are specifically optimized for quantitation, Discovery Lipidomics and Proteomics capability and analysis software allow discovery experiments when samples are enriched "off-line" for the class of molecule targeted. Identification and verification of candidates is provided. Software and enhanced Data Processing Workstations are available to meet these high computational demand methodologies.
      For Lipidomics, we have ABSCIEX Lipidview v1.2 software that is capable of enhancing method develop and analysis of an enormous number of lipid moieties. This software can be applied to interrogate the Lipidome of numerous tissue and biological fluid types and help to identify new or novel lipids and lipid structures.
      For Discovery Proteomics, we have developed sample preparation and trypsin digest protocols that enable the Proteome interrogation. Discovery Proteomics data is then analyzed using Protein Pilot 4.2 (ABSCIEX) running on an enhanced workstation. The Core Personnel have extensive expertise to develop new analytical procedures and provides instruction in sample collection and storage, extraction and data analysis and interpretation.

    Current methods/assays available

     Eicosanoids  Prostaglandins /Isoprostanes
     Creatinine  LysoPhosphatidic acid
     Cortisol  Erythromycin
     Serotonin  Vitamin D3
     Vincristine-Noscapine  Angiotensin Peptides
     Protein Quant (MRMs)  Lipid Quant/Lipidomics

     Proteomics on IP pulldowns and Gel Bands



    For more information

    To arrange for analytical services or discuss a specific analytical need and sample costs, contact one of the individuals listed below.

    • Richard J. Roman, core supervisor - (601) 984-1602
    • Stanley V. Smith, core director - (601) 815-1268