Pharmacology and Toxicology

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  • HPLC/Mass Spectrometry Analytical Core

    The HPLC/ Mass Spectrometry Core occupies approximately 1800 square feet of laboratory and office space in rooms R414, R416 and G477. The core provides the instrumentation and analytical expertise to perform quantitative analysis of a variety of endogenous compounds including: lipids (prostaglandins, isoprostanes, Cyp eicosanoids), catecholamines, creatinine, carbon monoxide, citrulline assay (NOS activity), steroid hormones and circulating peptides (angiotensin II and Ang1-7).

    Major equipment includes four HPLC systems equipped with UV, fluorescence, radioactive and light scattering detectors, two liquid chromatography/ tandem mass spectrometer systems (LC/MS/MS), a gas chromatograph/quadrapole mass spectrometer (Voyager® Thermo Scientific) and a gas chromatography system (Agilent) with FID, electron capture or phosphorus detectors. The LC/MS/MS systems consist of ABSCIOEX QTRAP® 4000 and 5500 systems each equipped with Dionex® HPLC systems and temperature controlled auto samplers.

    The 4000 LC/MS system was installed in March 2010 and has been optimized for the identification and quantification of drug and drug metabolites, xenobiotics, lipids and steroids. The 5500 LC/MS/MS system, installed in June 2010, is optimized for proteomic identification of peptides and proteins, quantitative analysis of peptide/protein concentrations and the identification of posttranslational modifications of proteins. The core staff has extensive expertise to develop new analytical procedures and provides instruction in sample collection and storage, extraction and data interpretation.

    For more information

    To arrange for analytical services or discuss a specific analytical need and sample costs, contact one of the individuals listed below.

    • Richard J. Roman, core supervisor - (601) 984-1602
    • Rodney C. Baker, core director - (601) 984-1620 or 815-1418
    • Stanley V. Smith, proteomics director - (601) 815-1268 or 984-1691
    • Chris Purser, core manager - (601) 984-1616 or 815-1418