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  • Albert W. Dreisbach, MD


    Associate Professor, Nephrology
    Office: L527
    Phone: (601) 984-5670
    Fax: (601) 984-5765
    E-mail: adreisbach@umc.edu

    Research interests

    • The role CYP eicosanoids in progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hypertension
    • Genetic epidemiology of CKD
    • The effect of CKD on drug metabolism and transport

    Current research

    • Project 1: The measurement of urinary cytochrome P450 (CYP) eicosanoids (HETEs and EETs) via LC/MS in patients with CKD to determine if they play a pathogenic role in the progression of CKD. To determine if genetic polymorphisms in CYP4A11, and CYP4F2, CYP2J2,C8,C9 and EPHX2 which produce 20-HETE and various EETs lead to altered levels of urinary eicosanoids and whether they are related to the initiation and progression of CKD.
    • Project 2: GWAS and exome sequencing in large genetic consortia (ESP-GO and CARe), including the Jackson Heart Study to determine gene associations with CKD and hypertension.

    Research articles

    • Williams, J. M., Johnson, A. C., Stelloh, C., Dreisbach, A. W., Franceschini, N., Regner, K. R., Townsend, R. R., Roman, R. J., and Garrett, M. R. (2012) Genetic variants in Arhgef11 are associated with kidney injury in the Dahl salt-sensitive rat, Hypertension 60, 1157-1168. PubMed article
    • Fox, E. R., Young, J. H., Li, Y., Dreisbach, A. W., Keating, B. J., Musani, S. K., Liu, K., Morrison, A. C., Ganesh, S., Kutlar, A., Ramachandran, V. S., Polak, J. F., Fabsitz, R. R., Dries, D. L., Farlow, D. N., Redline, S., Adeyemo, A., Hirschorn, J. N., Sun, Y. V., Wyatt, S. B., Penman, A. D., Palmas, W., Rotter, J. I., Townsend, R. R., Doumatey, A. P., Tayo, B. O., Mosley, T. H., Jr., Lyon, H. N., Kang, S. J., Rotimi, C. N., Cooper, R. S., Franceschini, N., Curb, J. D., Martin, L. W., Eaton, C. B., Kardia, S. L., Taylor, H. A., Caulfield, M. J., Ehret, G. B., Johnson, T., Chakravarti, A., Zhu, X., and Levy, D. (2011) Association of genetic variation with systolic and diastolic blood pressure among African Americans: the Candidate Gene Association Resource study, Human molecular genetics 20, 2273-2284. PubMed article
    • Dreisbach, A. W. (2009) The influence of chronic renal failure on drug metabolism and transport, Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics 86, 553-556. PubMed article
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