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  • Technical Staff

    Jerome Allison
    Scientist III
    Office: R716
    Phone: (601) 984-1655
    E-mail: jaillison@umc.edu

    Lindsey Bishop
    Researcher II
    Office: R615
    E-mail: lbishop2@umc.edu

    Dianne Holmes
    Researcher IV
    Office: N707
    Phone: (601) 984-1669
    E-mail: dholmes@umc.edu

    Glenn Hoskins
    Researcher IV
    Office: N034
    Phone: (601) 984-1670
    E-mail: ghoskins@umc.edu

    Shadon Rollins
    Researcher IV
    Office: R738
    Phone: (601) 984-6442
    E-mail: srollins@umc.edu

    Tina Smith
    Researcher III
    Office: R617
    Phone: (601) 815-5634
    E-mail: tgsmith@umc.edu

    Casey Steadman
    Researcher II
    Office: R615
    Phone: (601) 815-6809
    E-mail: csteadman@umc.edu

    Ken Sullivan
    Anatomical Material Specialist
    Office: R734
    Phone: (601) 984-1744
    E-mail: kdsullivan@umc.edu

    Jinrong Wei
    Researcher IV
    Office: R720
    Phone: (601) 984-2646
    E-mail: jwei2@umc.edu