Neuroscience Research

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  • Neuroscience Research

    NAS faculty are engaged in a range of exciting and ground-breaking research aimed at discovering the way in which the nervous system normally operates, as well as the neurobiological basis of neurologic and psychiatric diseases.

    • Sensory systems: structure and function
      • Mechanisms of peripheral and central audition
      • Structure and function of auditory pathways (Batra)
      • Cochlea (Vetter, Yee)
      • Peripheral somatosensory development/vestibular (Maklad)
      • ¬†Trigeminal system connections (Wang, Warren, May, Lin)
    • Control of the visual motor system (May, Warren, Lynch)
      • Visual gaze control mechanisms
      • Visual reflexes: lip, pupil and lens¬†
      • Cortical processing
      • Vestibulo-ocular and proprioceptive control
    • Neurodevelopment and developmental disorders (Lin, Simpson, Darling)
      • Autism
      • Prenatal programming of the nervous system in animal models of disease
    • Neurobiology of reward and motivation, mechanisms of addiction (Lehman, Coolen, Lebesgue)
    • Neuroendocrine mechanisms and circadian rhythms (Lehman, Coolen, Webb, Kanyiscka)