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    Congratulations to Dr. Michael Lehman - Ceremony honors UMMC's top researchers


    Medical Center faculty who have obtained significant extramural funding for their distinctive research programs display the medallions they received during the annual Excellence in Research Awards Ceremony and Reception Oct. 11 in the Norman C. Nelson Student Union.
    Honored faculty include, seated from left, Dr. Michael Lehman, bronze; Dr. Robert McGuire, bronze; Dr. Andrew Smith, bronze; Dr. Azeddine Atfi, silver; and Dr. Merry Lindsey, silver; standing from left, Dr. Luis Martinez, silver; Dr. Radhika Pochampally, silver; Dr. Kounosuke Watabe, silver; Dr. Jian-Xiong Chen, gold; Dr. Michael Garrett, gold; Dr. Alan Jones, gold; Dr. Babbette LaMarca, gold; and Dr. Yin-Yuan Mo, gold. (Enlarge photo)
    Faculty not available for the photo include Dr. Christopher Anderson, bronze; Dr. Ching-Jygh Chen, bronze; and the late Dr. Xiao-Ming Ou, silver.

    Vetter’s research on cochlea attracts national attention

    Cochlear hair cells convey auditory information to the brain, but a significant amount of “pre-processing” of the auditory signal actually occurs in the cochlea prior to conveying the nerve signal to the CNS.

    How the cochlear establishes its sensitivity, and how it avoids metabolic insults that can leave a person with hearing impairment are two basic research questions that Dr. Doug Vetter’s research addresses. His work describing the presence of a cellular stress-response signaling network that has been “copied” from the brain has recently received attention from Psychology Progress, an organization dedicated to highlighting significant research papers for the general biomedical community.

    Dr. Vetter’s recent paper, published in Hearing Research, has been recognized by Psychology Progress as a Key Research Article, and can be viewed at

    Simpson selected for prestigious teaching award

    Dr. Kim Simpson was selected as the inaugural recipient of the Regions Bank TEACH Prize (Toward Educational Advancement in Care and Health). It was awarded to her by Dr. James Keeton at a May 1 ceremony.

    The TEACH Prize recognizes that one faculty member from across all Medical Center schools who most exemplifies the values of student engagement, intellectual challenge and dedication to the craft of education that drive our educational mission.

    Simpson, who is course director for Medical Neurobiology, was also recently selected as an M2 All-Star Professor by the Carl G. Evers Society. Kudos to Dr. Simpson on these well-deserved honors!