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  • Ritesh Tandon, PhD


    Assistant Professor of Virology 
    Phone: (601) 984-1705 
    Fax: (601) 984-1708
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    Education and Training
    PhD, 2005, University of Georgia 
    Postdoctoral, 2006, Johns Hopkins University
    Postdoctoral, 2012, Emory University

    Research interests

    Human cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a herpesvirus, which spreads by contact and is acquired by majority of the population worldwide by the age of 40 years. Primary CMV infection or reactivation from latency can cause significant health problems in immunocompromised individuals such as AIDS patients and organ transplant recipients. CMV is also the leading infectious cause of congenital disease in newborns.

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    The research in Tandon laboratory currently focuses on three different aspects of CMV infection:

    • Role of tegument proteins in nucleocapsid maturation and virus egress.
    • Mechanisms of virus trafficking in the cell and the role of host factors in virus maturation.
    • Inhibition of CMV infection using tools in nanobiotechnology.

    For updated publications list, please follow the PubMed link.

    • Funding

      • American Heart Association: Scientist Development Grant (PI: Tandon)
      • American Heart Association: Predoctoral Grant (PI: Derussy)
      • University of Mississippi Medical Foundation (PI: Tandon)
    • Honors

    Grant reviews and study sections

    • American Heart Association, BSC2 Study section (2014-2015)
    • American Heart Association, BSC1 Study section (2015-present)
    • Ad hoc, Drug Discovery and Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance (DDR) Study Section, NIH (2016)
    • Louisiana Board of Regents, Research Competitiveness Program (RCS) (2014)
    • Intramural Research Support Program (IRSP), UMMC (2014)

    Editorial board

    • Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group (2014-present)  
    • Frontiers in Microbiology (2016-present)


    • MICRO611 (Medical Microbiology)
    • DENT641 (Dental Microbiology)
    • MICRO702 (Graduate Virology)
    • MICRO741 (Graduate Microbiology)