Medical Laboratory Science

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  • MLS Online Progression Program Curriculum


    Junior Year
    MLS 311 Basic and Clinical Immunology3
    MLS 327 Laboratory Operations2
    MLS 434 Advanced Clinical Chemistry3
    Fall Semester Total 8
    MLS 310 Body Fluid Analysis3
    MLS 435 Advanced Immunohematology
    Spring Semester Total 


    Senior Year
    MLS 432 Advanced Hematology3
    MLS 405 Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics3
    MLS 430 Research Methods3
    Summer Semester Total 9
    MLS 417 Principles of Management and Education in CLS 1
    MLS 429 Clinical Correlations
    MLS 433 Advanced Clinical Microbiology
    Fall Semester Total 
    MLS 436 Advanced Clinical Simulation
    MLS 445 Clinical Rotation*  
    Spring Semester Total 
    Total Hours 35 

     * 29 hours professional transfer credit awarded after successfyl completion of all coursework