Master of Health Sciences

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  • Curriculum

    Master of Health Sciences Degree
    First Year 
    Summer SemesterHours
    HS 608 Health Care Law3
    HS 630 Health Policy and Society3
     Fall SemesterHours
    HS 600 Personal and Ethical Leadership3
    HS 604 Organizational Behavior3
    Total 6
    Spring SemesterHours
    HS 612 Data Analysis and Outcomes Assessment3
    HS 616 Health Care Administration3
    Second Year 
    Summer SemesterHours
    HS 650 Resource Management3
    HS 652 Program Development and Implementation3
    Fall SemesterHours
    HS 656 Grant and Proposal Development3
    HS 658 Workforce Development3
    Spring SemesterHours
    HS 654 Contemporary Issues in Health Care Finance3
    HS 699 Integrated Health Care Leadership3
    Total Credit Hours for Degree36