Health Sciences

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  • Health Sciences FAQ


    Do all prerequisites have to be taken before I can enroll in the Health Sciences program?

    All prerequisites/admission requirements must be taken before you can be enrolled in the Health Sciences program and they are located under the Admissions tab.

    Is there a certain amount of time I have to wait before I can enroll in the program after graduating with an associate's degree in respiratory, radiology, nursing, physical therapy assistant, basic emergency medical technician or any other allied health profession?

    There is no waiting period to enroll; however, you would have to submit proof of your licensure and/or certification before enrolling in the Track I program.

    Can I receive financial aid while enrolled in the program?

    Financial aid is available for all eligible applicants. For information regarding financial aid, contact Student Financial Services.

    Is there a minimum amount of hours required per semester?

    The Health Sciences program is designed for, but not limited to, part-time, non-traditional students. Therefore, there is not a minimum amount of hours required per semester; however, students should develop a plan of study with their advisor at the start of the degree program.

    I am not that familiar with computers. Is there training available to orientate me on how to navigate the online program?

    We do provide online instructions to applicants who are not familiar with computers. We also enroll all students in a class we call "Student Success Tool Manual for Health Sciences." Faculty and staff will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have on how to navigate Canvas or other educational software programs.